“I want to take part in the world”

Ella Findlay, who has Multiple Sclerosis, speaks to The Guardian about how Disability Living Allowance gives her the independence to live her life and work.

3 thoughts on ““I want to take part in the world”

  1. Its regarded as discriminate to not offer or not fitting a ramp for a wheelchair in to a building if/or not a disabled person in a wheelchair but look at it like this if its the law for that then why can’t they do something like that for a person with learning dissabiltys or illnesses in the same reflection they should be money help patence understanding and the same whether its a ramp or a learning disability they should be support no matter the disability but as I’ve learned there is not. It seems the goverment need help to define a disability.

  2. As I’ve tried to tell other people who do or don’t receive D.L.A the goverment either refused or wouldn’t recognise peoples dissabiltys wether it is a physical or mental disability. I was diagnosed with A.D.D in the start of secondary school and was penalized as I was seen to be a day dreamer or a distraction or a “waste of time” and was cast aside and left to my own and my psychiatrists had it out with the governors and goverment and they refused to help me and the result was my grades been seen as “not worth the paper and a waste of ink” as I’ve said non of us deserved or wanted these dissabiltys and at key stages through out life we were denied help or were a lost cause. I got into the last year in school and the goverment pulled the funds for our A.D.D clinic and all mediated therapy and psychiatrist’s support was gone and I tried my best and resat my exams and the results were the same and so throughout all of my key stages in life I was never helped and now my physical and mental illnesses have worsened they want to take us to the back end of scurecide and make our lifes harder and what’s worse is they discriminate and decide what is to be regarded as a allegable disability and with them not giving us a fair crack of the whip In life they help create what they now want back. They owe it…..no infact they have a obligation to help us live either as an equal or as financially secure person who was robbed of a chance indirect or directly because we can not work or won’t be given the opportunity to gain suitable and financially secure employment because they won’t fund a suitably employer for development but they will put a ramp into the building. What about that ramp being a ramp in to work for mentally dissabled (as an equal)

  3. I think this move would be an insult to the heart of our community it lacks feeling and compassion, for a group of people striving to maintain their life styles and trying to make improvements where they can. Good grief its bad enough for people without a disability to maintain their life styles. Shame on the government. I think petitions should go straight to the Queen to force her intervention

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