3 thoughts on “Mobilise for DLA!

  1. If you go through our human rights act and equality act and follow the acts to define a disabilty or to see of your physical or mental impairment can be classed as one remember the fact you are looking is good enough for the European courts to bring a claim of recognition and don’t be detered as you are probly not the only person. Take me for example I gained succsesfull training with a goverment funded company who trained you up and got you into a company in hope of been taken on for employment and I was having minor accidents the head of the training program found out I had a learning disabilty A.D.D he sacked me emidateley and rang my dad and said if I’d found out in the first instance your son had attentional disabilty he would never of been enrolled on any course here as he is a danger to him self and others. He got away with it and I was detered from any form of employment and was diagnosed with a depressive mood disorder he got his comupance In the end as the pink slip said exited course forcefully as discovered he had A.D.D .He was an Hitler and was prosecuted accordingly.

  2. if a goverment can define or have boxes to decide if a illness or physical impairment should be regarded as a disability then are they capable of discriminating even in if the disability is classed as a disabilty in the westenly world ? Who decides who says ? Who is countable ? Is this fair treatment is it in breach of human rights or equality act ?. Is the wheelchair ramp into the building fair In reflection with some one who has severe learning disabilty who has no support or is penalized for saying he/she has no disabilty so he/she has a chance of gaining employment because the company would see the person as unproductive or a strain on resources and would rather pay the person in the wheelchair. Who is countable ? I bet the goverment would rather turn a blind eye or do they want to keep the disabled person on D.L.A and tax him/her that way ?

  3. When the media reports about the welfare cuts to Incapacity Benefit they seem to get mixed up with Disability Living Allowance (or whatever they are calling it these days). These are two different benefits. I receive IB of just over £100 a week (try languishing on that David Cameron, he pays more than that for a good bottle of wine I bet – on expenses probably) and receive £5 too much so can’t claim Income Support and DLA only seems applicable if you cannot walk etc. and have a physical disability. I still have to pay rent, council tax, water rates, gas, electric and as an after thought buy food. I am not a scrounger and have worked and am now claiming what we are all entitled too. I just hope that agree with these cuts get to experience living on benefits first hand (which I am sure they will when the redundancies start to hit).

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