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  1. I have a severe disabled little grandaughter who is 4 years old, the government are threatening to take her car away from her her whole body is disabled and yet the tories want to take even more from her i wont let this happen, she needs her disablity money to give her better care, her life could be short like her brothers we lost him at the age of 4 years, this little girl deserves that extra money to make her life easier and the equipment her parents have to buy her because her body is very weak the tories dont care BUT i DO and i will march to the end of the earth to stop the tories

    • I was flabbergasted whilst watching David Cameron take questions and answers about disabled children’s benefits to learn that he and his wife had applied for benefits for his own disabled son (who sadly died). Surely someone as wealthy as he and his wife should not be applying for benefits such as these when they can obviously afford to buy/pay for special adaptations and care without claiming it off the state? Perhaps then poorer families will be able to get such things as special wheelchairs without waiting years to receive them if those that don’t need the money claimed benefits. He should be ashamed of himself to admit claiming those very disability benefits he is now cutting. Obviously he was using the example of his own son to try and portray a more caring attitude but only sufficed in proving what a hypocrite he is.

      What I am unsure of is whether those claiming disability benefits are undergoing medical re-assessments by qualified doctors or are they simply going to be carried out by pen pushers who know nothing about how the ill and disabled have to cope with their illnesses and disabilities? Can anyone enlighten me? Another thing that worries me is that we are constantly hearing such tripe that these companies will not receive payment until after they have got someone into work and off incapacity benefit. Surely this will only encourage these people to bully and force people off benefit when they are not fit to be thrown off it, with tragic consequences for the victim of this bullying. I would be more appeased if I heard that those on benefit would receive all the help and support needed to get them into either full-time education or some kind of satisfying job (not low paid work such as stacking shelves), but this is not going to be the case.

      Will these callous actions by the coalition government cut the deficit? Not a chance! It has already been shown that those people who have been taken off incapacity benefit, after appealing 99% have had their benefits reinstated, adding to the cost of these actions not reducing the deficit. No doubt they will eventually realise this after putting the most poor and vulnerable through hell. What is this goverment about? They seem to be totally at a loss and don’t know what an earth they are doing. I leave you with one question. Since the coalition govenment took power with their mantras about reducing the deficit, just how much have they cut it by to-date? (Or have they, as I suspect, increased the deficit even more by their swathing cuts?)

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