Care cuts already biting

The Guardian reports new research from 40 charities, many who support The Hardest Hit campaign, showing that families are already facing cuts to the care and support services they receive.

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One thought on “Care cuts already biting

  1. My name is David.I live in East London.I was diagnosed with three types of Personality Disorder by Impart of Goodmayes Hospital in the decade of 2001 to 2010.Basically,it is a serious mental illness which leads me to feel anxiety,depression and have suicidal tendancies.I also suffer from irritable bowel disorder,asthma,bronchitis and I get a lot of chest infections.I am very anxious about the Work Capability Assessment and the replacement of Incapacity Benefit with the Employers Support Allowance,the changes to Disability Living Allowance and the whole procedure of the ruthless,flawed medical tests that are not conducted by Doctors who have much knowledge of mental health problems.The Conservative and Liberal Democrat Coalition are announcing a crackdown on people on incapacity benefit and they want to get up to one million people off this benefit into jobs that do not exist at a time when the Chancellor of the Ex Chequer,George Osborne has announced in October 2010’s Comprehensive Spending Review that up to 300,000 people who work in the Public Sector,for local government offices or in the civil service are to lose their jobs through voluntary or forced redundancy.Moreover, when I was working in 2001 and before that in 1999,when I was on anti-depressants and sleeping pills for persistant insomnia,I was working for a firm of Chartered Accountants who asked me if I was on medication and when I said that I was,they sacked me because it was during my probationary period.There is a stigma and definite prejudice against people diagnosed with a mental illness and employers will not even consider employing anyone with a mental illness,if they declare it on their job application forms.The applicants are simply ignored and their forms are thrown in a bin.I know this for a fact,because when I went for an interview, the interviewer showed me a pile of job application forms which he said numbered about 200.He put my form at the bottom of the pile,when I declared that I suffered from a mental illness.Despite changes to the laws on disability and equality in jobs,it is virtually impossible to get employers to consider employing anyone with a mental health problem,because they do not want to have to pay their sickness leave when they are ill and they cannot deal with the problems that people with a mental illness have,because of the selfishness and unreasonable nature that a great deal of employers tend to adopt in such matters.Again,I speak from my own experience as a previous firm of Chartered Accountants bullied me into forcing me to resign because they could not cope with my bouts of anxiety and depression.We live in a country where bullying is rife in schools,the workplace and in gymnasiums.I have suffered from bullying and threats in all of these places because of my mental illness.These cuts to welfare benefits which are supposed to target “scroungers” and the Chancellor Of The Ex Chequer is using this is an excuse to force people to find work or lose their benefits,but he and Iain Duncan Smith,at the Department of Work and Pensions,as well as Chris Grayling,the Employment Minister are picking on defenseless people who feel bullied and intimidated because they cannot fight back.These Government ministers say that “We are all in together” when they are some of the 18 millionaires responsible for the cuts,blaming the budget deficit on the Labour Party,when the greedy bankers who pay £6 million in bonuses caused a global recession and are getting away scot free.How can anyone of this be fair?Thank you for reading this,regards,David.

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