The Hardest Hit Fight Back

Disabled people, those with long-term conditions and their families are being hit hard by cuts to the benefits and services they need to live their lives. The Hardest Hit campaign, organised jointly by the Disability Benefits Consortium (DBC) and the UK Disabled People’s Council, brings together individuals and organisations to send a clear message to the Government: stop these cuts now



78 thoughts on “The Hardest Hit Fight Back

  1. The Tory party and its programme is at heart a ‘declaration of war’ on the disabled,the sick,carers,the unemployed and productive working people. Our hard fought for rights and social organisations are being dismantled and sold down the river to the pirates of private capital, the citizens of the UK and their ancestors are being robbed. It is analogous to a set of medieval robber barons abusing power,plundering at will and wantonly expropriating from the peasantry. But then their goals seem conducive of delivering a state of modern serfdom and their propaganda, directed at the least able in society, would have us all vilified as’ paupers,thieves and vagabonds’ . We must find ways of organising a mass movement to counter this social darwinist infected conception of humanity and its socio-economic consequences. We are not disposable-we are essential.

    • well iv been fighting for my dla which was taken off me in sept 2010 after i had been on high care and high mobilaty since 1997 due to cronic on sept 10 2010 i was disabled but on sept 11 i wasnt, i was told that within 2 years my condition would get better,i was told i could walk the length of a football pitch twick un aided in 8 minuts , i use walking sticks all the time.i am now under my specialist due to depression ,fused vertabre of my spine. have fallen so many times im at physio twice a week since jan 2010,i have lost my blue badges and cant go out anymore lost my helper so my 14 year old daughter has to wash me dress me help me to the toilet my neighbour helps me to go to my outside loo as i cant get upstairs. and im not the only one doing this .

    • you can join me on twitter at scottspeirs3 we can all fight together and strengthen our voice against these savage and unfai cuts against the disabled

  2. I think Now is the time to be thinking about getting this so called government out of office.
    We should fight to have an emergency election.
    Nobody deserves this government!
    Yes Labour had it’s problems but i remember the last time the Tories were in power and from what i see they have NOT changed and never will!
    It is in the their DNA to destroy and take away whatever they can to make working class people suffer.
    To fight for an early Election Is the only answer.

    • It is also important to fight for the NHS bill as this will have any affect on many of the disabled community young and old. The NHS is heading for privatisation and we must stop it. Please sign the petition and share the link with your friends. I also agree with you. This government is hitting the vulnerable.

      Disabled, elderly and the people need a free NHS.

      • Well i’ve been to vote,,,,,,,
        I don’t know if i should be happy or ashamed.
        One of the things i suffer from is anxiety,there i am thinking i’d be in right state people all over the place trying to get their point across by way of the vote,,,,,i shouldn’t of worried!
        I staggered though the door to be met by NO ONE!
        FOUR PEOPLE,TWO that’s counting me and my mother and the two running the place.

    • Im going to force myself to vote tomorrow.
      I’ll put up with the dirty looks and nasty comments just to make my voice heard,i know it’s only the local elections but,,,if every one here tries we can make our feelings show and hopefully make this so called government realize that WE WILL FIGHT!
      And God help them by the real election!!!!! 2015!!!!

      • Just another thought,,,,,
        Surely the Government are breaking some laws of equality here.
        Ive been told the education MP lost a court battle trying to deny disabled children funds for their school down in Devon.
        Perhaps we should find some way of fighting our case through the courts too,,,,,,as i said just an idea,could it work???

      • Just got some facts right,,,,,
        Michael Gove lost a court battle with the Essex council over the denial of funds for disabled children.Laws of equality were broken.
        Could there be a chance we could have someone fight for us too???

  3. By the look of things Cameron is upsetting plenty of his own,i’d be very shocked if his Carrier in politics lasts.
    Just makes me wonder what we’ll have next,let’s hope it’s a human!

    • David Cameron aint Human, nor is the rest of this sham of a government, how the hell are the disabled going to have a quality of life, his eton pals are laughing so are the bankers. Im disabled and frightened, how do they think we survive, my benefits go towards my extra heating and towards helping the local economy,I dont stick it into a Swiss bank account like they DO.As I said D.C. aint human do he wouldnt treat the vunarable people of this great country the way he does!

  4. I am amazed that the disabled have been the group chosen to fund the banks mistakes. Welfare reform is not based on need it is based on government budgets and their desire to cut. The disabled are an easy group to hit. I wrote to my M.P Mr Milliband he gave sympathy but he cannot stop this Tory Juggernaut. I wrote to Lord Harrington, he has a grasp of some of the issues but at the end of the day its all about money. As a historian I feel I have been put in a time machine taking me back to the 1930’s. Germany started the Holocaust with the slaughter of the disabled, this seems like a more subtle version but same result I fear for many. National memorial for the victims of these cuts perhaps!

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