4 thoughts on ““Stop the cuts!”

  1. This photo sums up the feelings of many who attended the TUC March for the Alternative which as everyone knows had a fantastic turnout save for a few idiots intent on trouble. I saw plenty of people in wheelchairs on the march making their voices heard along with the rest of us opposing these arbitary and unncessary cuts.

    I have posted some pictures on my blog from the march if you want to take a look.


  2. I agree! This coalition governement has shown where its priorities lie when they relaxed the rules on MP’s expenses recently to include family members, yet they are making cuts to the poorest and most vulnerable in society, the elderly, ill and disabled. Need I say more?

    All to reduce the deficit they say? They seem to find the money quickly enough to send the RAF to create a no-fly zone in Libya, which will cost England (taxpayers) millions yet they are in the process of making pilots redundant.

    It’s the local elections in May and I hope others will make their feelings felt by voting Labour as I will be doing. Never again will I vote Lib-Dem. They had better make the most of hanging to the coat-tails of the conservatives while in goverment because it will be shortlived if the electorate gets their way.

  3. yep bob and no one will give a xxxxxx – ( except other disabled folks in the same boat ) nothing will change until the sheeple out there realise there IS an alternative -WE NEED A NEW POLITICAL PARTY PUTING THE ORDEINERY PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY FIRST and the vested interests of the rich and greedy at the bottom of the list

    but they won’t as apathy rules ok – BUT WHO GIVES A DAMN ??

  4. i have muscular dystrophy and sever spinal problems if these planned cuts go ahead and i lose my DLA/Motability my quality of life will be badly affected i wont be able to afford the heating on, i have to pay for decorating / gardening etc, and i know that a lot people will suffer by this inhuman governments idea of making disabled people pay for the mistakes made by there pals in the banks who still take large bonuses even though the tax payer bailed them out
    they just blunder on without a thought for anyone but themselves how can they award themselves a rise in there expences yet want to cut our benefits roll on May for the local elections

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