3 thoughts on “All in this together?

  1. I and a friend will be travelling to London from Wales specifically to join this march. She’s not disabled but i’m completely blind; She insisted on going and on me coming along once i’d mentioned the changes likely to hit us as she was so incensed. Perhaps others could encourage their able-bodied and sighted friends and family to come along as well to swell the numbers and show it’s not only us who are angry about it but the public as a whole.

  2. it doesn’t matter what we do. we aren’t millionaires so we will have no influence on any of it. i can’t afford to drive my car so i’m housebound, i eat twice a day so that i can afford to feed my son 3 times a day soon i will be eating once a day. i can’t afford to run my central heating so my pain levels go up and i have to take more painkillers. after the may elections i will probably end it all, its bad enough now trying to be a carer as well as being disabled myself.

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