3 thoughts on “Fight for what is right

  1. Disabled people have a right to services to enable them to do the same things as able bodied people. Reducing their disability benefits will reduce their opportunity for this – where is the “Fair Society”? Always remember to put yourself in their shoes and think how you would feel.

  2. I am sad not to be marching with you on 11th – the distance between Scotland and London proved to be too great this time. I will be continuing to do everything I can from here to bring these very important disability issues to public attention.
    All the best to everyone and I hope the sun shines to cheer your spirits!
    Warm greetings, Hilary Davies.

  3. How do we fight for what we believe is right and just? Decisions and legislation is passed by people who believe that power is right.[or ‘I am all right Jack’] Society is judged by the protection and care given to the most vunerable.There are so many people in to-days society that need assistance and guidance but they are given handouts from a Government who promised to care and protect. How do we who do care hold them accountable for their broken promises and dismissive attitude? I would like to know!

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