The support disabled people rely on for their everyday lives

Writer and actor Mat Fraser has sent a message of support to the Hardest Hit:

“The cuts to the benefits and services that disabled people rely on will dramatically change their everyday lives. Benefits such as the DLA allow those who require additional support such as care packages or accessible transport to be able to live their lives to the full. That’s why I am urging you to join thousands of others on May 11 at the Hardest Hit March – sign up online today.”

One thought on “The support disabled people rely on for their everyday lives

  1. Thanks for your support Matt. It seems that nearly every day in some news outlet or other, misleading headlines abound concerning all the thousands of people supposedly found “fit for work”, when we all know the reality of the situation: namely, that the new assessment procedures are set up to make people fail, and a high percentage of initial benefit refusals are overturned on appeal. The stress and misery being caused to those of us who simply are too sick to work, yet know that the flawed Work Capability Assessment hangs in the future like the Sword of Damocles, is truly horrible. The weakest of society are truly carrying the weight of the recession on their shoulders, while the rich, the bankers and the tax-evaders get away with everything. This government is only concerned with profit. Those of us who can no longer work are clearly destined for the scrap-heap because we are no longer deemed economically viable and are therefore worthless. And Cameron speaks of the nation’s “wellbeing”?
    Not if you are sick or disabled.

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