6 thoughts on “Don’t Take Away Our DLA

  1. Well done to everyone at Agate House. I loved your video, which I have to say made me cry. All credit to you all for putting up a terrific fight for right.
    Well done too to all those joining the campaign in London. What the Government won’t realise is how much effort and determination they have had to put into getting there, organising treatments and medication, catheters etc. and how long it will take to get over their trip. My hat goes off to them.

  2. I’m on low rate Mobility Allowance; I can do buses as long as I can sit down or I’m with someone, my balance is rubbish if I have to stand so if bus is crowded I have to use a taxi, if I had no Mobility Allowance I’d be stuck as regular income so low I’ve got have Income Support. I’ll be 61 next year & I hope I’ll get my pension.

  3. Great vid. Keep up the good work. Cuts isolate, hide people away from society (Cammeron knows this word but does not understand) and kill. People die waiting for assesments. Taking away your DLA is a crime against humanity
    Best wishes Terry Burns

  4. What a fantastic video. This should be shown on national T.V. then just maybe people would start to understand that these cuts are unjust and unfair.
    Well done all at Agate House.
    Neil Merrett

  5. I cried as I watched this video. Every good wish to this community for their courage. I pray that their every need is met.
    What sort of society are we building, when we hit the most needy and the most vulnerable?

  6. Thanks to everyone at Agate House for making this terrific video. I suspect this will be the theme song to the march on May 11th.

    Let’s hope and pray that all our voices are heard. Patricia

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