PM challenged about Hardest Hit

 At Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, David Cameron was asked about the Hardest Hit campaign:

Kerry McCarthy (Labour MP for Bristol East): “Next Wednesday, the Hardest Hit campaign will be lobbying MPs in Parliament through constituents of ours with severe disabilities and chronic illnesses who are bearing the brunt of this Government’s attack on welfare benefits and public services. Will the Prime Minister have the courage to meet some of those campaigners face to face next week so that he can hear from them at first hand about the devastating impact that this callous and uncaring Government are having on their lives?”

The Prime Minister: “I make two points to the honourable Lady. First, the most important line of defence to help people with severe disabilities and severe need is the national health service and it is this Government who are putting more money into the national health service-£11.5 billion extra. That money would not have been available if we had a Labour Government; we know that because we can see Labour cutting £1 billion off the NHS in Wales. In terms of reforming benefits, I thought we had the support of the Labour party to reform benefits to make sure they are helping those who need the help most.”

26 thoughts on “PM challenged about Hardest Hit

  1. I have more than one hidden disability, I have Aspergers Syndrome and a Hearing Impairment. One of them, my Hearing Impairment, the NHS provides help: hearing aids. The other one I do not get help from anywhere with- I just have to cope- I don’t even get DLA for myself. I have 3 special needs children who I do get DLA for and I get Income Support with additional premiums and Carers Allowance, which is deducted from the amount of IS I get. Two have Autistic Spectrum Disorder and the other Global Developmental Delay. I have had some support from CAMHS, Child and Adolescent mental Health Service, which is NHS, and one of my twins gets Ritalin because he also has ADHD but there is very little they can do except a bit of advice now and again, even the ritalin is now presribed by the GP after initial prescribing by CAMHS, and the other 2 are not even on their books any more.

  2. I go out with my husband who is also my carer,people look at me with thinly veiled disdain when I am having a “goodday”. When its a bad day I dont go out unless I am going to hospital or essential appointments. People look alarmed,as though wondering what the hell is such a weird looking person is doing in public view. The papers ,well tory rags have depicted us,the sick,disabled and vulnerable as workshy benefit scum. Where did they get thier information from I wonder. David Cameron is patronising and out of touch with ordinary people. It was the same when the last tory government was in power,our taxes went up,namely polltax. I wrote to a government minister about the injustice of making less well off people pay more and the better off paying less poll tax. I got a letter very similiar response to david Camerons response. Already things are happening,cuts in vital services,being sick,disabled well thats just tough,as for the vulnerable which a lot of sick and disabled are,GOD help them.

    • Chrissy, I have a similar problem to you – I can look reasonably ‘normal’ on a good day. I am constantly expecting the inevitable brown envelope in the post and the assessment that goes wrong!

  3. Sad that Mr Cameron totally avoided answering a perfectly valid question, and just used the opportunity for scoring party-political points. I think people on sickness benefits are just being treated as expendable. We aren’t seen as viable units of economic production, and are an easy target because there is already a high level of hate-crime against disabled people in this country. Concern for chronically sick ordisabled people isn’t a popular cause like fish or trees! Also, inevitably far fewer disabled and chronic ill can actually take to the streets to protest, so we aren’t obvious.

  4. So will we see Mr Cameron on Wednesday? I hope so. The government are just out to cut costs at any price and we seem stuck with that till the next election. However how many will be pushed into poverty as a result. How many suicides will we see as a result of the cost cutting as people are pushed to despair.
    The banks and government got us into this debt. Not the people!

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