5 days to go!

There are just five days to go until the Hardest Hit protest march in London on Wednesday 11th May.

Hundreds more people have registered to attend in the last few weeks and there is still time to sign up. Register online here…

But we know that many disabled people, those with long-term conditions and their families simply won’t be able to come to London. Make sure your voice is still heard by sending the Hardest Hit message to your MP by filling in our quick online form here…

4 thoughts on “5 days to go!

  1. Thanks to everyone who went on the march. I just hope the MPs would see all these comments and stop making any kind of cuts affecting disabled with physical or mental health problems! So what will the MPs have decided now i wonder!

  2. very true most sick people will not be there and if they were there they wouldn’t be sick the only people that will be there will be the disabled who will have made a vast effort to be there and i for one say thank you very much

  3. Please don’t take the possibly limited numbers of people who attend this protest as a sign of apathy or disinterest. I know many sick and ill people who would love to attend this but simply can’t due to health, cost, or distance. Others are worried about ‘surveillance’ from the DWP, etc(unacceptable in a free society)

    Hopefully, a precedent has now been set and the big disability chairities and yourselves can make this an annual type event with more notice, etc.

  4. Will be sorry not able to cope with coming to a big march this wednesday. I hope lots of people will go and the government ends up listening to us and not cut our benefits and force us to go through another stressful medical to see if were entitled to it or not!

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