March. Protest. Email – how to fight the cuts!

Click on the buttons below to join the fight against the cuts to the benefits and services disabled people and their families depend on:

  • Tomorrow is the Hardest Hit march, when thousands of disabled people, carers and those with long-term conditions will come together to PROTEST IN LONDON against the cuts.
  • If you can’t come, you can WRITE TO YOUR MP with the Hardest Hit message or PROTEST ONLINE with your photos and messages.


8 thoughts on “March. Protest. Email – how to fight the cuts!

  1. I feel very upset by the fact I have to keep justifying my long term condition, (which is Ostearthritis and Fibromyalgia), every time a Government decides they have to make cutbacks. It’s bad enough having to deal with illness and disability without the humiliation of examinations and tribunals to prove you really are UNABLE to work. Let alone the fact it’s hells’ delight trying to find employment once a perspective employer knows you are likely to need to take a lot of time off sick, even if they did employ you. Believe me I know, because I have tried on many an occasion, to no avail. All this is very distressing to the disabled, particularly those with mental illness. I feel guilty enough without being made to feel I am a shirker, and would give anything to feel well enough to hold down a job. Thank you all those people who made it to London for the march to make our voices heard. I only hope the Government listens.

  2. A week on and still not even an acknowledgement from my MP. Ironically, this is the same MP who recently tore into the BBC for not replying to a letter she had written in a timeframe she demanded. Why do George Orwell’s pigs keep springing to mind?

  3. I couldn’t attend the march but wrote a substantial e-mail to my MP on this issue – she has not even had the courtesy to acknowledge receipt…but I’m not surprised! We need to keep this issue at the forefront of public consciousness. Maybe we need to stick a few wheelchairs in front of the TPA’s “Debt Lorry” today!!

  4. I fully support this march , but it only went on to prove that the discrimantion against disabled people is still rife. The Daily Mail never reported this march , as it has all others and many other papers pushed it right down the the front page.

  5. I support and applaud everyone involved in this March – it really is time that the British people got the message across to our Government that they should, and must, listen. I have been running a campaign calling for a review of the VATlegislation on extensions for the disabled person since January, I have written to and emailed so many people but had no response. Now that the day of the March has arrived can I ask that once people have recovered from their efforts please can you look at my site and email, write, etc .. anything to make them sit up and listen. Thank you.

  6. Wish i was going to be there tomorrow on may 11th, but transport and the cost of carers is just over the top! i’ll be there in spirit with you all, i feel so angry at our prime minister and his cohorts lying thought their back teeth to us, and always looking so smug at the same time. i hope the media/tv goes along to the protest.
    have a safe day all of you,

  7. I’M a shamed to be British with a Goverment who attacks the DISABLED and there FAMILES/, Allso the BUTCHER our wounderfull NHS, Who for without I don’t think I would be alive to day. As Disabilty and the NHS are as on in my eyes we need to fight for both, I’M so sorry that I can’t make London on May 11th due to cost of train fears and being ot of work, If anyone is going from the wirral by car I could still make but if not thak you all for doing this wounderfull protest.
    go and pay for some of your fule

  8. Well done for organising this march! Can’t be there but will be there in spirit. We feel very upset at the way disabled people are being targetted. Of course we want fraudsters, and the “won’t work, can’t work” brigade filtered out, but it is humiliating and degrading for someone with a lifelong disability to have to justify why they need help. What has happened to this so-called civilised society ? We feel ashamed of this country and as for Mark Littlewood (You and Yours) today, Lord help anyone in his family if they fall on difficult times with their health, or someone is born into his family with a lifelong disability – I guess his view would be that the State is better off if they die ….. what a callous, indifferent, smug man he is.

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