5 thoughts on “Social care cuts: ‘The people concerned are invisible’

  1. M.Ps should spend a week as a disabled person to see how they would like to be treated the way that they(M.Ps the Government) are treating us now. I can tell you ‘They would not like it one bit’.
    I suffer from Ankylosing Spondylitis, in short i’m in constant cervical, thoracic, lumber and leg pain, fatigue and other things that i will not go into. normaly i would not wish my condition on my worst enemy, But Mr Cameron you can have all of my condition with my blessing. AND NO YOU CAN NOT HAVE ANY HELP FROM ANYONE.. All that you can have is the government telling you that you will have to work for a living and pay for all your medication and healthcare.. see how you like it…….

  2. Barbara thats the problem the disabled depend on so called privalages and they are not something to be taken away if the quality of life is worsened its the old cliche of the have & have nots the tories have always punished the poor

  3. Sounds like a cue for Kate Bush’s song ‘How To Be Invisible’, though I suspect that was written out of frustration with being a mother and going to her son’s school’s PTA meetings!

    It’s bloody disgusting how disabled people have their privileges cut by councils now.

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