7 thoughts on “Live news feed of the Hardest Hit march

  1. weel done everyone for going,

    The media coverage was ok with big items on BBC, ITV News, C4, the Guardian’s coverage was fantastic which was great and seen by millions. More important, it showed the Gov’t and indeed the public disabled and ill people will not be pushed around. I would hope ‘Hardest Hit’ groups could now be set up in towns and cities across the U.K.

  2. Maria Miller, Minister of the Disabled…where are you?
    To afraid to face those she has glibly dismissed and spoke of as if she had any understanding what is going on?
    Perhaps she should sit an ATOS work fitness test, fail as being not fit for office and have all her benefits and perks stopped.
    Perhaps those now being condemned to poverty may do well to camp outside her luxurious home and beg for food – but be careful she may not notice you are there and drive over. A quote from 1000 B.C.
    “Don’t be surprised if you see a poor person being oppressed by the powerful and if justice is being miscarried throughout the land. For every official is under orders from higher up, and matters of justice get lost in red tape and bureaucracy.” The Bible Eccl 5:8 NLT

  3. Well I attended…. Great turn out, impressive speeches and the day got a bit of media coverage (albeit dwarfed by the FIFA corruption soap-opera). Can’t help but feel it was a costly failure (not least when the march coincided with announcements that the government is pushing on with the erosion of employee rights – specifically in cases of descrimination). Having read some of the online coverage, it’s abundantly evident that the scribes came to the day with a ready-made narrative and were only interested in hearing that which supported their glib take on the issues.
    TBH, I don’t expect anything to change (well certainly not for the better). I remain as angered, frustrated and frightened (for myself and disabled friends) now as I did before the march. I don’t know what will disabuse society’s tabloid-fuelled notion of the disabled as either ‘full time useless’ drains on resources or fraudulant lead-swinging ‘scroungers.’ I don’t know how/when society and those who govern it will grasp just how disenfranchised, alienated and isolated they are making The Hardest Hit. Sorry for going off on one but…..well…..yeah….

  4. Well a great turn out for the rejection of regressive befits changes leading to cuts in real money and care, I went to parliament to lobby my MP didn’t get very far found all his adding up left him suspended over deception of expenses well all of this stinks MPs Bankers they all do rank things and then make the public pay for it these people need a day in the stocks and then sacking and then sending to prison.
    My needs aren’t going to be meet like many others, the NHS will become sicker and will get less help thanks to all MPs we don’t need parliament and deception we an act of God failing that a revolution they aren’t listening.

  5. I hope the government has a change of heart towards disabled people now this march has taken place. I hope the government leaves dla and other benefits alone. I wonder if the people running would take a 40% pay cut as david cameron says were all in this together! Am feeling really worried about all these cuts taking place.

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