Today thousands of disabled people, those with long-term conditions, carers and their friends and family will be marching on Parliament to send the Government a clear message – stop the cuts to support which is essential to our everyday lives. We will then go into Parliament to meet our MPs and tell them why this support is vital for us and ask what they are going to do to stop the cuts.

If you can’t come today you can still take part – post messages on Facebook and Twitter, email your MP the Hardest Hit message, send us your messages and photos….. every bit of noise we make makes our voice stronger. 

Follow all the action on Twitter by searching for #hardesthit


  1. Well done to all those who made it to the protest today!
    Let’s not give up, let’s use our voices loudly and speak up on behalf of those who can not speak up for them selves too!!

  2. my son is nearly 21 has cerebral palsy.we awaiting for an appeal for the esa and he couldnt remain on the college course next level as they cannot fund the support he would need.Knock back after knockback this year has been for him.They are easy targets for the governement.He is lucky to have me his mum carer who will fight for him.But what are those who do not have someone to fight for them.we all need to band together on these issues.

  3. I am a retired Speech and Language Therapist and worked with adults children with disabilities for thirty years. Many of those children are now adults and will be adversely affected by the cuts to their support. I am sorry not to be on the March but I hope you get a good response from the MPs and I will be e.mailing mine.

    • Hi
      This is a wild shot but I am trying to track down a Speech and Language Therapist who worked at Beckenham Hospital in 1976 called Nina. I wondered if this was you. I was treated for a stroke and inspired to become a therapist, a job I have loved for over 30 years. I wanted to say a very big
      Thank you. Avril Kemp

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