Hardest Hit – march update

Thanks to the efforts of everyone who came to the march yesterday and protested online. This website also received over 10,000 page views, and with almost 8,000 people in attendance, the event was the largest march by disabled people in living memory. In meeting and writing to our MPs, we highlighted the necessity of support for disabled people and the extent of our concerns about the cuts to benefits and services. 

The march was covered by BBC, ITV and Channel 4 news, and received attention in the Guardian and the Independent. The Guardian’s photo gallery is available here, with the live feed of the day also available here.

13 thoughts on “Hardest Hit – march update

  1. if they cute disability living allowance ,its means they want killing all disabilit with they hand ,
    im full disabilt with full of pain and physical prablam,
    government refusd my disability know i cant cover my life , i wish to dai and i know i will kill myself one, 😦

  2. Hi Guys,
    I am in receipt of Severe Disablement Allowance (they top it up with a bit of income support, too), plus high-rated mobility DLA and low-rated care DLA. I didn’t know anything about the planned march, until I read about it in the brilliant Tony Parsons column of the Daily Mirror, a few weeks ago. Sadly, I have been housebound for over six months, so was unable to attend the march.
    I agree totally that coverage was pitiful, especially compared to the attention that the student marches of November 2010 and earlier this year received. Maybe they would have paid more attention if a few of us had chained ourselves to railings, again! Pathetic, isn’t it? It upsets me to think that the media only cover a march properly if there is civil disobedience involved. Are threy incapable of just covering the ISSUES in detail?
    Anyway, I am so upset that the BBC News channel ignored us, pretty much. I tuned in on Wednesday afternoon, expecting to see detailed live rolling coverage, but NOTHING was shown, bar a tiny few ‘snippets’ of recorded two-minute reporter shots earlier in the day.
    I have phoned in to NEWSWATCH, the news feedback show that airs on News24 (Sky Channel 503 and also on Freeview) on Friday evenings as 8.45pm and left a message of disgust. I hope they take notice.
    Well done to everyone who managed to attend the march. Maria Miller is a disagrace to her ‘government’ and to the disabled ’cause’ she is supposed to champion, as Disabled Minister. It would be pointless writing to this arrogant woman. I wouldn’t waste the pen ink on on an arrogant Tory upstart like her.

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