9 thoughts on “Day of Action – in film

  1. I went to this day and it was great to see so many disabled people making a stand for their rights (no pun intended)
    I am in a wheelchair and get so depressed that it seems like I tried to get myself a decent education, went to University and completed a TEFL course, but I am not good enough to get a full time paid job!!

  2. don’t give up fighting for your rights maria. go to your local citizens advice center because the jobcenter will just fob you off. and also its a good idea to have a talk with your local mp. i know it can be draining and demoralizing but keep fighting. you’re right about this awful government.

  3. Thanks for your support Chris, i’m getting chest problems recently, can’t get a cause, have had to take steroids, ect. really annoying as i used to do a lot of physical things(still deliver laflets lol) also i like singinbg, breath problems is not helping. think they just bum us pills without looking into the cause. think its bronchial, tubes, i dont smoke, i do not drink excessively so do not know why i’m having this, maybe its the crap city air. I have given up trying to get entitlements. the government is so ignorant and up their own rears to listen. i’m ok jack sod you is their attitude. back to victorian era we go. not ebnough people fight for thier rights wondering if the war grand parents bred cowards.

  4. thanks to all for putting our view across. i could not make it but did write to mp. as usual same drivel back. this party is heartless and you can not appeal to their better selves they dont have one. the tory party always take from the poor and give to the rich. never ever vote tory first thatcher now cameran they only want to build up a war chest so they can bribe the voters with tax cuts at the next election.

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  6. I particularly like the fact a wheelchair using mp, stood up for those of us with invisible disabilities. Proud of you to see it from people who are not needing wheel chairs yet, but may do so in the future, or those that have mental health issues, as well as lesser physical disabillities. I have an intermitant back problem(where i can be fine a few months then something in my back traps my sciatic nerve) problem and some mental health issues that effect my ability to work. essentially i can do most physical things but when my backs bad , i really struggle. i live on my own , dont have family support find it difficult to trust people around me. I do not do alcohol (occasionally socially) nor do i do drugs. because of my stress/anxiety problem, and previous long term bullying both at school and as an adult where i live. Because of anger , i’ve lost a few jobs and give up with the benefits cycle and lack of support. i dont get dla, just long term incompacity benefits, i’m apparently not entitled to income support. i pay part rent/council tax, i pay same water rates as a family of 4(cant get water metre as my pipes are shared with downstairs. I dont get any winter fuel payments and i cant’ get crisis/budget loans if i need something large like a dryer or cooker replaced. The current system is unfair and creates anger /anxiety frustration for users. sounds like the new one is going to be far worse. sometimes i switch off lying in bed wishing i wasnt here.

    • maria, my story is similar to yours but i have been lucky with my families support and have been able to get the benefits i’m entitled too. depression is different for all of us, i’ve got mine and you have yours and niether of us will feel the same with it. last year i tried to end it all but i’m glad i didn’t succeed. i get ill i get through it and when i get through to the other side i feel sort of ok until the next attack. i have other health issues like you , i have fibromialgia asthma and other things. all i can say is stay strong. its hard that iknow but stay strong.

  7. Its good to see the people speaking out, keep it up and through time they will have to listen or there gonnay loose a lot of votes. “Spread the word PEOPLE”

  8. Thanks for making this video of the protest. I’ve sent it to everyone I can think of.

    I do hope all marchers are well and rested after the long hard day.

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