9 thoughts on “Maria Miller interview: cutting DLA mobility

  1. yes and pigs fly still the nasty party nothing changes first thatcher now cameran just make sure we fliung them out at the next election

    • iIagree with you totally bobbrown….Thatcher tried the same thing years ago, privateising the NHS just like Cameran is doing by bringing private sector into MHS and Thatcher tried to get rid of social housing just like Cameran is doing with brining in the private sector into social housing with tenency agreements for three years a piece.conservative will never change, do not let this happen VOTE them out when you get a chance befor its to late. As for them saying they have made cuts so as to bring down the country debt? its more like because they have planned to go to war and will be needing the money! you watch!

  2. I have worked my whole life since 15yrs old and had to give up a decent paying job 3 years ago. Like most of you I have had to beg for money from benefits systems. With medicals that foreign doctors not understanding our medical problems or not even understanding our language! This is so depressing living on very little money , paying bills and having to fight for every penny makes our pain even worse, it does not come in automatically like it did years ago when I was working. I am 60 years old next month and cannot believe whats happened in my life, you think that the authorities would stop treating us like “scroungers” when our disability was so bad that we have given up our great lifestyle and salaries. this government are bringing us all to our knees, while they have never known what it is like to deside whether to buy cheese or milk as you cant afford both. sorry to go on moaning but it is getting worse and worse with all the rising prices at shops. we should notgiveup fighting but I am getting so tired of it!!!!!!!


  4. We need to stand up for the disabled, the more I read and hear the more I think the British people should be made aware.I belong to a Stroke Club,but they have no idea that the cuts are already affecting their day care centre which is gradually being closd down, very stealthily I may add. Surely we can all get the message out to the man in the street who seems to worry more about a pop star loosing her job than their next door neighbour having their mobility taken away from them. Could not the Government be held to account for their actions under the Human Rights act. Keep fighting everyone.(I have since the March joined my surgeries PPG)

  5. I wonder how much this so called scheme will cost. If I know any idea from Whitehall 10 times the amount they save.
    If they were to go after those who don,t pay the Taxes or the VAT as hard they would be able to give us all a Tax Return The man in No11 the Dodge has a bad record on paying his vat .
    The people they stop will never get a job the problems they have. I suffer from PTSD from my Army Service. I have a visit to the bean counters on Friday 3 Doctors tell me I have PTSD. I have panic attacks . Yet the beans counts will smile then stab me in the back. Get a Job I’m 62 . So you can see bottom of the pile unless I work 12 hours a day 5 plus days a week in some day end job.
    Those who scam the system will carry on as they will have a lawyer sitting with them scream my clients human rights. Then they will get a increase in DLA and other other help. Up grade on the Merc etc etc.
    It is time to ask Cameron and his chums do they know what it is like to try and live on DLA and other benefits. They would not have a clue.
    I didn’t vote Lib Dem or Cameron to those who did thank u.
    The middle classes will be clapping but touch there anything to do with them and Hell breaks out.
    Every one thought Brown was bad. It did not take long for the Public school boys to hit the the people who need help the hardest.

  6. Don’t care what anyone says this government are bringing this country to its knees ! Its terrible what they are doing and to make things worse no one is doing anything about it ? They are walking all over us they are nothing but a group of nasty jumped up schoolboys and they need their arses kicking get rid of them before its too late?

  7. Dont be too hard on Maria or IDS they clearly have difficulty in hearing and understanding the impact their policies will have on the sick and disabled, after all they have private insurance.

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