Take action: MPs to vote on welfare plans

Next week MPs will be debating the Welfare Reform Bill and will have the opportunity to vote on the planned changes to Employment and Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance. 

You can send a message to your MP – telling them to raise these issues in Parliament – by clicking the button below .

22 thoughts on “Take action: MPs to vote on welfare plans

  1. know what you mean,our housing benefit will be cut soon,yet the way government portrays carers,they say provision will be made and extra will be paid for carers. Yet they dont mean unpaid carers,in receipt of carers allowance,they say if you have a carer that is not part of your household and stays overnight to be paid carer an extra room allowance will be paid. We have queried this with council,we cant get social housing,there is nothing for severely disabled woman with husband and young family. We had our children when husband was working fulltime and my disability wasnt as bad. I feel like if I wasnt around things would be easier,despite our also having adult daughter who is also disabled and has care needs. Husband became fulltime carer and caregiver to our children,as i no longer could fill that role. If he was not my carer,how much would it cost to have paid carers looking after me ,daughter and making sure younger children get thier needs met.

  2. Chrissy, the problem is how they will target it and the people who will lose out and their carers (who could be forced into taking jobs they don’t have time to do because they are still carers even if they no longer qualify as such because the person they care for has lost their disabilities benefits) who will lose the right to stay home and care for the person like they need unless they alternative sources of income than benefits, such as a husband with enough income, or are pensioners.

  3. my carer and husband sent e mail to our mp,got a reply. praise to carers who do important job for looking after the vulnerable. pip is targeted at disabled and sick who face greatest challenges,it will be in a fairer ,consistent and sustainable manner. Reform is required to enable a clearer assessment process. Pip will be for the needy and vulnerable. that is summary of what our mp wrote,no worries then!!!

  4. Received a letter from my MP today (Labour MP) re the result of the vote on the 15th. the gov defeated the amendements labour had tabled Amendment 42 was defeated by 56 votes (295-239) no vote was taken on amendment 41. the bill then received a third reading with coalition once more outvoting labour opposition by 50 votes (288-238)
    Not looking too good at present, we still have to keep fighting against the removal of mobility allowance for those in residential care.

  5. agree with all of the above hope my local M.P (helen Goodman) speaks out about these draconian measures, to further afflict those most in dire need of help not hindrence, and still paying for the mistakes of the so called people who know better(the Bankers) hopefully the new guidelines to seperate the risk factor and make them stand alone without having an adverse effect on the general public(to little to late for some unfortunately) massive cuts, furher lay offs people threatening to strike, thrying to privitise everything this time including the nhs, ah the good(BAD) old days, anyone still remember the thatcher era? yes she was a Tory as well, do people never learn?

  6. Vanessa
    Your doing OK these ministers haven’t a clue in what there doing and never have had to call them a minister is a complete joke and is a tragedy for everyone concerned

  7. Saw discussion of the Welfare Reform on BBC Parliment where they were discussing housing and penalising those who are in properties considered larger than they need. Only those which have official disability adaptions will be exempt. That leaves me paying for the extra room we need because my Autistic/Aspie twins cannot share with anyone because of their Autistic Spectrum Disorders. I hope my Housing Association don’t try to move us on and we manage to afford the extra expense. If we have to try to move to a 3 bed house that means the lounge/living room becomes my bedroom and then where do we use as a Living Room? If the same room as being use as my bedroom all my stuff would have to go in my oldest son’s bedroom to keep it out of the twins’ way and my expensive matress for my bad back would be ruined by the twins bouncing on it- especially when my back is turned (I do have to cook tea and go on the toilet). They are 11 years old so no light. We only got this place because it was advertised as for a 3 or 4 bed housing need because the council refused to allow us to count as a 4 bed housing need we couldn’t bid for most 4 bed houses. (Round here they have a bidding system for allocation of housing through the council and the eleigible bid with the most points wins.) The extra room is for us an unofficial but essential special adaption for my twins’ disabilities. We have tried living in 3 bed accomodation and it just does not work- sharing a room is a disarster no matter which twin is doing the sharing and my 14 year old son cannot share with me. Put both twins in together and we will end up being made homeless for constant all night noise (made by the twins refusing to sleep) if I don’t crash the car from tiredness first and kill us all.

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