New review of mobility payments

The Welfare Reform Bill includes plans to replace Disability Living Allowance with the new Personal Independence Payment, and remove the mobility component of Personal Independence Payment from people living in residential care.

The mobility component ensures that people can engage in their local community, meet family and friends or visit the shops. Without it, a two tier system would emerge, where disabled people living in residential care were left without the support offered to others.

Due to pressure from campaigners the Minister for Disabled People Maria Miller, announced that she was reviewing the removal of this benefit. Unfortunately it became clear that this was an internal review closed to public engagement.

Leonard Cheshire Disability and Mencap therefore asked Lord Low to conduct a public, independent review into the personal mobility needs of people living in residential care and how these are met and funded. The Low Review has published a call for evidence which will run until 10th October and which anyone can respond to.  Take this opportunity to have your say

6 thoughts on “New review of mobility payments

  1. I am disabled and have care in my home, it took 4 years and many tribunals to receive any support from the benefits agency and social services.
    Now I am living in fear of losing all I have due to the new tory governments changes and the use of an agency to decide if I am disabled?
    I would be housebound without my mobilty car and whereas I am very grateful for this car. I can empathise with people being cared for in residential homes which as I know will become their “prison”
    I believe that society is judged by how it cares for the vunerable and elderly.
    This government on this basis is found wanting!

  2. It beggars beliefe and could only come from those who have a good wage, standard of living, and are in effect millionairs, it does not take a rocket Scientist to work out that these cauts are against the most vulnerable in society, the conservitive party has not changed and never will, please can everyon bear that in mind come the next election (this lot may not last that long hopefully) anyway 100,000 signitures I believe is needed to get this discussed in parlement lets start the ball rolling, anone know how to start an email petition, or is everyone on here just going to make our comennts on here and then watch them go unnoticed,? we are going about this the right way I am just frustrated that this government does not(and never will) listen to thiose who know the problems best, namely us. please wake up and smell the coffe Mr cameron, anybody remember the riots and strikes during the thatcher era? history repeating itself or what. we are under the rule of democratic dictatership. being run by people who wavn’t got a clue and are to busy going on holiday while rome burns (was broke up when poor Mr Cameron had to come back from his hols, never mind have just read they will ALL Be compensated for it, like we all have without any hassle when things go t..s u. abroad and we have to fork out extra through not reading the small print? ring any bells anyone? a vote of no confidence would not go amiss although even I knw that the ship has to be steadied first, but as soon as it is. let us all reawake them from their slumber, (we will also wait untill the poor dears have had a decent holiday as well. who said sarcasm is dead. keep up the good fight one and all.

  3. please please would people who need this component please fill in the response…having received ian duncan smiths response when the plan was first unveiled in which he stated that people would still be able to access “dentist,doctor library and bank..” i think that mobility component recipients and their carers need to take action and create a tornado to keep their lives outside of what the govt decides we may have in crumbs from the table

  4. The removal of the mobility component from people living in residential care has the same effect as giving the person a prison sentance. It could even be seen as more restrictive, as most people recieving a prison sentance only spend a percentage of their sentance with restricted mobility, whereas a person in residential care will spend the rest of their lives deprived of social interaction with their local community, friends and family. Trips to the cinema, library, shops etc will all disappear.for this group of people if the mobility component is removed and will only be available to those living independently within the community.

  5. first they came for the disabled and no one did anything, then they came for the…. when they came for me there was no one left to do anything!
    Do you measure a society by how it treats its most vulnerable? If so, we’ve all gone to Hell in a hand cart. It seems the values of those who fought and died for our way of life are being betrayed, yet again lions led by donkeys!

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