Time to take action across the UK

The Hardest Hit rally, march and lobby on 11th May was an outstanding success, bringing disabled people, their families and other campaign supporters together with one clear voice.

 But further action is needed. So the Disability Benefits Consortium (DBC) and the UK Disabled People’s Council (UKDPC) are working together to support Hardest Hit events across the UK on and around 22nd October.

Despite having promised to protect the most vulnerable, the Government is pressing ahead with swingeing cuts to benefits and services vital to the lives of disabled people. It is simply not listening to us. These events will let us come together again, across the UK to send a clear message: stop these cuts.

 The events in October will  have a local dimension, highlighting cuts to local services received by disabled people. However,  the Welfare Reform Bill continues to be a key target, since it promises deep cuts to disability benefits including DLA/PIP and ESA. The Bill will be in the House of Lords in October and a strong showing by us will lend strength to the support from sympathetic Peers. It is also important that we continue to engage with MPs who need to understand the strength of opposition to the Government’s unfair cuts agenda.

What’s happening?

Events will take place around 22nd October in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and across England.  

 As these events are confirmed, details will be posted here, so you can find out more about what is happening in your area and how to get involved.

 You can also keep in touch at www.facebook.com/thehardesthit or join the debate on twitter using the hashtag #hardesthit

12 thoughts on “Time to take action across the UK

  1. it seems a popular belief,I suspect amongst people now in thier thirties that when labour are in power,they are free and easy dishing out generous benefits to all and sundry,and the conservatives,though not popular are the sensible,thrifty party,making sure scoungers dont get exorbitant amounts of taxpayers money. I was 20 when Margeret Thatcher became primeminister,I was not of any political opinion,to be honest I didnt even vote. All I know,is that benefits were paid to people,and there was not the stigma then as there is now. If you were disabled,as my friend was,she had help with aids,adaptations,and housing. another family,the husband became very unwell,he and his dependants were looked after.contrary to what a lot of people think,the conservatives at that time were not against the sick,disabled,unemployed etc.young people like me,could do courses and get a generous allowance for it.I lived on a brand new housing estate,a whole new town had been built,admittedly probably under labour.I dont know why but everything seemed to change after the falklands war,not dramatically,I think it was the late eighties,early nineties,with the now infamous poll tax,except it was called community charge. I thought it inexplicable that we had to pay £300 a year more in our council tax and our wealthy neighbours paid £500 a year less.even the better off people didnt think it was right.it was funny though to go to a meeting about it and have riot police waiting outside the building,I honestly dont know what they thought we were going to do. It was just to find out if there was anything we could do peacefully and lawfully.I shall shut up now,but its important to get across , it is just a shame that people who werent around then dont realise what it was really like and seem to have a lot of misconceptions ,unfortunately thinking that cameron is better more sensible for running the economy.

  2. someone I know,who is intelligent,got a degree is mentally ill. The consultant she was under put her on drugs that made her look and act like a zombie. Because she is higher functioning,she made the choice of no drugs,the consultant refused to have her as a patient anymore. She sees a cpn and has a very supportive family. Alittle while ago,she had forms sent to her for this assessment to see if she was capable for work. I didnt think she stood a chance,as she has no consultant and is not having any treatment. She was totally freaked out by the forms and her mental state deteriated. Her family took her to the gp. she was informed by DWP that she was assessed as not capable for work. when my friend sent off the forms,she got all her medical notes from over the years and sent them in as well,even though it wasnt required. I think people should send in all thier medical notes,going way back. It seems if you have evidence backing up what you are saying,it must count. AS for said rallies,hopefully we can make an impact. the poster from germany,when the nazis were in power seem familiar,going on about how a person with heritary defects cost the german taxpayer so much money is chilling. This is propaganda which is going on now in the UK,but surely it woudnt come to the same as nazis in the 1930s would it?

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