What’s your Christmas message to the Government?

The Hardest Hit are planning to send a giant Christmas card to the Government to let them know that we are not asking for gifts, but we do want our basic rights protected and the support to enable us to live independently and with dignity.

You can sign the card and leave your message by following the link below:

Sign the card!

18 thoughts on “What’s your Christmas message to the Government?

  1. My message to the government is a simple one: What do you know about the Autistic Spectrum Condition, especially Asperger Syndrome? It’s strange that even though about 1% of the UK population has autism, the disability isn’t an obvious one. So every disability case is treated the same – it’s generic. I feel that this is unfair and unacceptable. Benefit cuts, especially affecting those who are most in need is both unnecessary and ridiculous. I think that this one needs to be thought through very carefully. I hope that these cuts are not going to affect the disabled too badly. If they do, then I think it’s definitely time to reconsider the priorities. Should’nt the banks and other financial institutions who seem to benefit from the recession and the cuts – many of which have got us into this mess in the first place – shoulder some of blame and take responsible action? The time is now.

  2. Its now like living in a nazi state. The corrupt rich (lib dems and cons) seek to obliterate the weak and disabled. Having a disabled child doesn’t seem to have taught Cameron a thing. Clegg is a power hungry moron.

  3. thank you for stopping my money just before xmas was on inb went for a check up at st marys house in the past ive been seen by a doctor and 18 months after that had another check up then the doctor just said go home you dont need to be seen and i will put it in the file so havent been seen for 8 years i think and now atos checked me and saying im fit to work ive got under active thyroid badly so put weight on because of this and atos said im over weight no shit got spongilists in left hip and they also said i am well dressed so at my appeal will go in my p.js as i am always in them i cant stand people sorry but i cant i have a habit of taking over doses but if it is under a year ago it dont count and bad depression good what a life and whats camron doing having a lovely xmas and i hope you think of us who cant afford to feed there family and have a nice xmas because of you and your cuts step down and get someone else in who care about people just be fairer to us ill people we cant work so enjoy your turkey and chock on it and die so but i hate him vote them out

    • I am so sorry to read your plight these people who
      are deciding our work capabilities have no idea of
      the frustration and problems there are for people having no choice but to rely on government funding
      I have paid my NI contributions for 20 working years
      but due to ill health a brain operation I am no longer able to work if there was even a job out there like yourself its not my fault that my health has failed me I have to live with it every single day now adding to my burden I don’t have the security of knowing if I shall in future have any benefits as a limited small income living on the border of poverty what is the NEW YEAR going to bring for those unable to work or others although they are fit there are not enough jobs out there how will families survive with no income coming in their own savings if there are any will dwindle quickly as inflation gets a hold with 20% VAT on electricity/ gas for cooking or heating I thought VAT was for luxury products not the basic of living enough is enough this Government stinks and they will be going down in History for the Holicaust they are bringing on the sick
      soon the soup Kitchens will be set up they surely must have responsibility for those in hardship due to circumstances beyond their control

  4. Merry Xmas The Condem government. I am really happy that you have cut all everyones benefits,thanks for allowing me to have a car, but no fuel for it, thanks for allowing me to have my electric, but not having any heating, thankyou for making me having to choose between energy, and food.

    While your eating your xmas dinner remember all of us, aIot of us will prolly not be able to afford one.

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