Hardest Hit Christmas Card Photos

Photos of the giant Hardest Hit Christmas Card.

First we gathered outside the Houses of Parliament to sing some “alternative” Christmas carols. We then moved the giant card to the Department of Work and Pensions offices at Caxton House. We had prepared a smaller card to give to Ian Duncan Smith (The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions) but staff there refused to accept it! Finally we travelled to Number 10 Downing St where we delivered a box containing all of your signatures and messages from the card.

Update: Staff at the Department of Work and Pensions have apologised for yesterday, saying there had been a “mix-up” about the card and they would accept it. We are now arranging to formally present it to them again.

16 thoughts on “Hardest Hit Christmas Card Photos

  1. I hope, you Mr Cameron, will not become disbabled nevermind severely as I am with progressive Multiple Sclerosis, that YOU would to claim any benefits – if you have to I hope they will be questioned and you would have to “prove” that you are entitled to claiming!

  2. I think that the rejection of this Christmas card by the DWP is a very poor show. If anything, it displays evidence that the department knows we are in the right but yet are not interested in facing the reality in words of how their decisions are adversely affecting the disabled. It is like the government is sticking two fingers up at the disabled nevertheless. It reminds me of what our ‘great and good ‘ did at the May march when the Minister for Disabled wouldn’t even come out to address the marchers ‘because she was at PM’s questions.’ The latest government thing is espousing Christian morals. The Tory party is always preaching to the minions having morals – where are theirs? Where is their ‘christian’ support for the vulnerable?

  3. People with a disability do not give up hope,as in spite of everything this government cannot take this away from us. In spite of all we are suffering inside us is that which keeps us going. 2012 will be a new year to fight this government. It is so bad when we have to pay all our taxes and found out that the big businesses have done deals so they do not have to pay billions of pounds in taxes. They can live in their big houses full of heat whilst some so often struggle to heat just one room. Yes you get an MP doing a week on benifit. I wonder how they would manage a year on the money. No savings to fall back on.

  4. For Clive Thomas, I’m sorry to hear of how you’ve been treated. This government is just out of touch. It’s all about money, the person who assessed you had to satisfy the targets of getting people off benefits. I wish you luck in your future – I went to see the local MP when having difficulties with DLA and things did progress.

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