Merry Christmas, from the Hardest Hit

Today, we delivered the giant Hardest Hit Christmas card signed by almost 25,000 disabled people, their families and friends to the government grinches – David Cameron and Nick Clegg – calling for a fair benefits system.

We let the government know that people with disabilities and long-term conditions are not asking for gifts, but simply want their basic rights protected and the support to enable them to live independently and with dignity.

The response has been amazing, but there’s still more to do to ensure that disabled people have a new year to look forward to.

What can I do?

Even if you’ve only got a few minutes to spare you can still take action to ensure that we continue to make an impact.

1. Send your MP a Christmas card from the Hardest Hit and enclose a message to make them aware of how the proposed reforms to the benefit system will impact upon you and your family.

You could save the image, and email it to your MP, or print it off and then use this tool to find your MP’s postal address.

Click here to download a copy of the card!

2. Visit your MP at their constituency surgery so you can deliver the card to them in person, and tell about your concerns. Here’s a handy guide with some great tips for visiting your MP.

3. Write to your local paper to explain to others in your local community what proposed changes will mean for you.

17 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, from the Hardest Hit

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  2. I knew this would happen with this lot running the country you can blame your so called students for letting that joker clegg in look what he did to them.Youll get know symphaphy of this lot they dont care about all our every day struggles they havent got any illnessess.

  3. It is not fair what the goverment are doing. We are a multi disabled family. My 17 year old son used to have a statement of education, and (Autistic and Dyspraxic) but because his school fineshed at 16, he had it fineshed when left there 17and a half hours lost. At part time college for a term on report most of that ime, and under threat of being kicked out next term!!! 19 yr old daughter Dyspraxic and Attention Span Disorder really struggles but tries her best in education, but takes her much longer then others to do the work, had no supporet what so ever through education, had her low rate DLA stopped bout 8 months ago, am fighting it! Myself severe osteo arthritus, diabetic, not under control, bad asthma,very bad hearing, struggle to put it mildly and looking after my youngest full time 12 year old but devolpmentally 3-6 months, gastro fed, can not sit up, stand walk talk, but has a lovely giggle here and there that lifts nup your heart, classed a life threatned child, can not go to school, do I get any support from Social services? No! No home education, no working hoist, no lift to get her upstairs, would have been we have the lift shaft in place and a lobby, but a social worker manager to full of her own inportance ( and has personally caused me nothing but trouble) decided to ok another 40% payment to the lift company back in August, after they had already had the agreed 30% deposit, so having had 70% do you think they are putting in any lift still, got promises of a lot, have done since it should have been in place since June/July, but nothing happened. So my little one and I continue to sleep in the lounge as I can not get her upstairs!!!! The house in more mess as where the lift lobby can not be fineshed till the lift is in, the rooms around it are all piled up, can not use the dinning room, or the bedrooms upstairs which should be mine and little miss daughters!! She has had to have major spinal surgery, due to their incompetance on giving her the right seating, still argueing with them now, and her hips are also now displaced due to her spine going.At hosp in Oxford with her on Wed, to see about further surgery, next year! And with all this going on they call me in regularly for going back to work interviews!!!! The people at job centre plus aggree that it is stupid, bnut they have to call me in because of the guidelines!!!!I wish some magic wand would sort out or reduce my daughters disabilities, but even if she was well enough to go to school, and I could trust them to look after her right, more stories there, another time, who would employ me at 54, with my problems, I have already been told UNLIKELY. It is time the goverment was thrown over. Neither Cameron or Clegg has any idea what it is like to be disabled, worrying about the bills and basic needs. I have water, phone, gas and electric waiting to be paid now, haven’t got the money, Christmas round the corner, and don’t know what I am going to do.Nobody choices to be disabled or for their children to be, but then to be treat like bits of dirt is just so WRONG!!! It makes my blood boil, bout the only thing that keeps me warm. The heating is on max as little one is soooo cold all the time, but am lucky if the temp goes above 21c as with all the building work the house has been so knocked about that the doors including front and back have massive gaps and the cold air is just pouring in!!!! Told the relevent people again and again, they don’t care!!!!! This goverment needs to go or turn themselves around and take say 10% of their massive saleries, bet there would be a lot of money in the pot then!!!! ~Still best stop now, as need to get little one sorted out for her next feed!!!!

  4. Comment on sending Hardest Hit Card to my MP (Gary Streeter)

    “Merry Christmas Mr Streeter, will you see to it that the disabled have a Happy New Year?

  5. Suew

    Have had MS for over thirty years, life has been tough bringing up two children alone as my husband didn’t stay aroung for long after my diagnosis.

    I now. more than ever before, need help and have a substantial care package, (six toilet visits a day). Due to local authority cut backs my inco pads have been reduced to FOUR aday, the other pads I have to purchase myself. This is costing approx 46 quid a month!!!!!! Add this to the 58 quid they have deemed I should pay towards my care and I am now over 100 quid a month worse off and that is without considering the increase in the cost of petrol, food, clothes etc.

    I do not feel equal in society, I don’t have money for lifes luxuries or even some of the basics, no holidays or days out, no meals out with friends or socialising. I am not a complainer, I just take each day as it comes but I say with hnd on heart that I have never felt so demoralised as I do right now,
    shame on Cameron and Clegg – the people who are mos vulnerable in our country are being trodden under foot.

  6. Having a disability, puts us at a disadvantage to start I live on a modest income and do not have money left over for any luxuriys some times I have to think heat, or eat,
    do you know what it’s like to be on the bread line!!

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