Tweet to Defeat

Members of the House of Lords will vote next Wednesday (11th January) on whether 700,000 ill and disabled will see a crucial work benefit cut after receiving it for just twelve months.

Please tweet a peer the following message:

Please protect the #HardestHit & vote on Jan 11 for Welfare Reform Bill Clause 51 amends to help ill & disabled people.

6 thoughts on “Tweet to Defeat

  1. I have had MS now for 30 years, although it is only the latter 7 years that it has taken hold of me big time and forced me to be in receipt of DLA, I urge the Governmment to think about stopping these benefits, because without this my health will I am sure take another nose dive as the stress is a big factor in affecting this horrible disease. Lords and Ladies I invite you to see for yourself how people are disabled by this condition. Surely when I and my forefathers have paid into the system for many years, we should be recompensed fairly.

  2. My partner is disabled. He has already suffered massive psychological stress due to errors and inaccuracies during the change over from Incapacity and Income support to ESA. In the last few months he has been saying that due to his disability he no longer feels wanted or welcome in his own country. The news reports last night on the proposed changes from DLA to PIP hit him like a ton of bricks and he is now terrified that he will have all his benefits removed. The current and proposed changes are causing millions of people to slide further into poverty and depression. It’s not only scary but unfair and unjust. I fully support the Hardest Hit campaign against these proposed changes and hope that the House of Lords listens to those who are going to be greatly effected by the Welfare Reform Bill.

  3. Surely this is against our human rights when and where do they come into this disgusting act against the disabled.Even the needy and the most vulnerable have the right to live.

  4. All my life I have worked and paid my dues. As a Fireman I had to fight against Mrs Thatcher, now in the latter years of my life time, and disabled, I have no fight left in my body, but plenty in my soul. Lords And Ladies what is in your souls

  5. Please think very hard before you make your decision Lords and Ladies, don’t let Britain become a country not to be proud of any more and who does not look after their vulnerable who after all have paid their contributions over the years believing that if they were sick they’d get help, now this day has come for them so please don’t turn your backs on them.

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