Government defeated on time limiting of ESA

Last night (Wednesday 11th January) the Government was defeated in the Lords on the time limiting of contributory ESA. An amendment was passed that extends the period of eligibility to at least two years. This was a great result and we now need to put maximum pressure on MPs to ensure this is not overturned when the Welfare Reform Bill returns to the Commons. This success is very much down to the Hardest Hit campaign and the efforts of individual campaigners. Thanks to all of you who contacted your MP or tweeted a Peer. DLA and PIP will be debated next week in the Lords and we will again be asking campaigners to “Tweet to Defeat.”

7 thoughts on “Government defeated on time limiting of ESA

  1. The Tory’s are self centred and don’t have any idea, of the people they are targeting, or that of these people’s families. Or should that be they don’t care. I worry not just for me now, but my children’s futures too!! What’s next the poor house?? Being unable to work, through no fault of your own, what employer, will give a job to anyone whom cannot give 100%? I myself have Bi Polar Disorder, and am being treated with Lithium and also sertraline. God only knows what’s going to happen. We need to challenge these decicisions ASAP.

  2. it isnt only the tories,it is labour as well adopting the same ideals,unfortunately we arent seen as a group of people whohave any importance. When it comes to the nitty gritty,we will have to be a right pain and embarrassment to get any of them totake us seriously. And do we really have the strength todothis,yet we have to this. Nobody gives a stuff about us ,they have closed ears,eyes and hearts. Its tough for everyone,we know that,and everyone in whatever circumstances have to object and loudly.

  3. From listening intently to what the more experienced and humane Lords have said I find this shows they are much more in touch with ordinary people living with disabilities than M.P’s are . Perhaps all those young 40 something year old MP’s who have not got a permanent disability or chronic illness, will listen to wiser counsel and change their vindictive attitude towards us, the disabled.

  4. Read the Hansard report of the House of Lords last night, and boy I find that the Commons can still defeat the Lords necause it is a financial bill!!!!!!
    Can anyone tell me how the people with MS and Fibromyalgia are going to get on with this bill.
    Also looks as if your partner earns the princely sum of below £150.00 benefits can be cut,,please put my mind at rest that this cannot and will not happen in this our Country. Due to EU rules looks as though you can enter this country be sick claim ESA then go back to your own country and still be paid the benefit. This is what the Government should be looking at.

  5. The Tories are idiots to blame us, the disabled, for their dysfunctional policies. At least more of the Lords have morals. The Tories are still bad-mouthing us, (the mantra of ‘have to cut benefits’) they just can’t see what they are doing is morally wrong! Maybe if THEY got bowel cancer they may change their minds and extend the time-limit to 2 years rather than the one year of benefit entitlement.

  6. much as it is a victory we must not get carried away, we are dont forget dealing with the Tories, experts in supressing those most at need while claining to stand for the opposite, so a big well done to all those who contributed, but we must not rest on our laurals, the real fight still lies ahead, well done to all.keep up the good fight.

  7. well done now we need to defeat them on d.l.a what they propose is morally currupt in trying to steal are benifits to fund their pals in the city. it is nothing less than downright theft against those who are frail and to ill to fight back. the onlty consolation is that god will pay them back in due course. your average tory is a loathsome creature who only cares about number one. we need to defeat them with as much fevour as we can muster.god bless all who need help because you will get none from tories

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