Government rethink on qualifying for Personal Independence Payment

Following intense campaigning by disabled people, the Government has announced it no longer plans to extend the qualifying period for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) from three to six months. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has responded to criticism that doubling the qualifying period would penalise claimants who suddenly become ill or disabled.

The Government rethink on its welfare plans means claimants will be eligible for PIP if they have been living with a health condition or disability that limits their independence for three months and will continue to experience the same barriers to daily living and mobility for a further nine months.

This is a big victory and proves how important the Hardest Hit campaign has been in getting the Government to amend the Welfare Reform Bill.

11 thoughts on “Government rethink on qualifying for Personal Independence Payment

  1. I feel that as far as disability welfare benefits are concerned, those affected would be devastated if there is a move to cut or abolish certain allowances which make their lives more bearable and improve their quality of life. This will also promote independence and dignity, so that everyone will be treated as an equal in what is often seen as an unfair world. We are very lucky in the UK having a benefit system, without which, like other countries, we would be a lot worse off as a result. We do not want to live in a health lottery or for that matter, a p;ostcode lottery, where, subject to availability, services can only be accessed if you live in a certain area – part of town, etc. I hope that makes sense. Please don’t cut benefits, as this will be of considerable detriment to those involved and affected.

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