The final fight: contact your MP now

In just under one month, the Welfare Reform Bill will make its way back to the House of Commons.

MPs will have the chance to either vote for or reject some important changes made by the Lords designed to help people with disabilities and long-term conditions access the support they need.

The vote of your MP will help determine the fate of disabled people across the United Kingdom who rely on welfare benefits.

Can you email your MP and ask them to make benefits fair?
Click Here to contact your MP in Support of the Campaign


10 thoughts on “The final fight: contact your MP now

  1. My wife and i worked up until she had a severe stroke 8 years ago , we have been on benifits since then . I am my wifes carer who needs to be with her 24 hrs a day, She has very little speech , no movement on her right arm and also uses a walking stick . 6 months after the stroke she started takeing epileptic seizures which the hospital said was an after affect of the stroke. After a year of her stroke i was still fighting for benifits for her, i had to take her to an appeal in a wheel chair and the awarded her middle rate dla. They would not consider the seizures during the appeal because we had made the claim before she started her epilepsy . Really has my wife not suffered enough ? now she has been sent a form to fill in for a medical to see if shes fit for work god only knows what were going to do if the people tht are giving her the medical say shes fit . The goverment needs to start looking at all the working tax credits there sending to immagrint workers recently i was told of a polish worker who the goverment sends 2000 pounds a month to a family he hasnt got in poland , this is true from the horses mouth the polish person told me this ! So now the goverment needs to start looking after the eldery and infirm of this country and stop this insanity now !

  2. Agree with you Eddie, not only are there no jobs to get, and also your age being against you, and also your disability, this government knows that, for the record, one of the reasons previous governments did nothing about people on disability Benefits was simply that it suited their cause of juggling the unemployment figures, to make them look better, we are just an easy target mate, they could in all fairness look elswhere, for saving like getting those Greedy ……… who avoid paying their taxes(non Doms) by using dodgy Bank account in either their wives name or what about an account in your dogs name, obviously must be legal or Mr redknapp would not be walking about, this is not a swipe at him per say I actually like Harry, but if there were more people like David moyes, coming up with realistic ideas of a 20% in footballers wages, to not only help the Game of football, but to also go towards more deserving cases your very good self a point in fact, the balance is all wrong have contacted the Hardist Hit with regards to not being able to contact my M.P because of some technical problem i think, to support the no votes to benefit cuts, and also the indignity of having to go before Gastapo like Doctors, where the outcome is a far gone conclusion, most of them hired I believe by Atos? if I am wrong I will apologise, but I do know they have some contract worth Millions, based on so called results. to give the sick the poor and the like a hard time, for simply just being that, the worst off in an unfair So Called Democracy, for the record in case anybody thinks I have said anything untoward, let me just point out that I am useing my Right under Articles 9 and 10 of the Human rights ACT 1998 to express myself under freedom of speach, that is now what I intend to do move back to Scotland and Study Law, were as a native of Glasgow should get Free education, no wonder a lot of the people living on the borders like Berwick choose to, say they would rather be part of Scotland, due to the better care given to them, and better access to Education, if we Scots can do it why the Hell cant a country Bigger than us say they cant afford it?

  3. I am not happy at the DWP’s decision that I am not eligible for Employment Support Allowance, and that I should be on Jobseeker’s Allowance. I am trying to appeal against the decision as it seems to me that the medical assessor only saw my physical capabilities and not the mental health problems I have when I am under stress.

    • I have the exact same problem. I was on ESA due to a spinal disease that limits my mobility and causes extreme, spontaneous and unpredictable pain. Following the medical assessment, I’ve had my benefits withdrawn because I can hold a pencil without voiding my bowels. The assessor didn’t take the unpredictable nature of my condition into account – who is going to employ someone that can never work a fixed schedule due to random incapacitation?

      I literally now have zero income/benefits and no idea how to proceed.

  4. Dear Anti -Politician, thank you for your comments and support, we all need to unite with others of a similar mind, from various organisations,what the hell is it going to take to make the people of this country wake up and smell the coffee as they say, even more reports about possible police corruption,linked once again to the murdoch empire,(the Sun) all I would like to finally say is this, if these so called Bankers and politicians are the best we can expect then we actually stand to lose nothing, as any idiot can lose the country billions and in the process get paid millions for doing it, I,m not great at maths but aparently you dont need to be, to get a job as a banker, in fact it seems to be a standard requirment,i think the main reason the country is in so much shit is simply this, we the so called decent people, have to many morals and ethics, not to mention basic common sence, also we are in touch with not only the public but the general consencus on things, so none of us stand a change to run for the position of an M.P as we are all clearly over qualified, I rest my case your honour, and am using articles 9 and 10 of the human rights act 1998 to do so, under freedom of speach, (I am assuming once again that we are still as I speak meant to be a democracy. as i have said before, hopefully in a few months time I will have sold my house and be back off north of the border, my thoughts are with those I leave behind, not just my own family but the many freainds and neighbours I have met over the years, wont miss the the bullshit being spouted by Mr(We are ALL in this toghether) Cameron and the NHS is safe in his hands,I hopefully intend to write a book, called how to be a good politician, with the heading good on mistruths poor on memory recall. All the best to all on hear, keep up the good work.

  5. The Bhoyo speaks sense . This vicious , evil government of greedy , self-serving , corrupt , capitalist pigs are making those who cannot fight back pay for the crimes of their criminal- bankster chums .We must all resist this treachery any way we can . I also DEMAND a fair wage for Carers . Best wishes.

  6. We have been given a date of February 1st for the Commons to consider the Lords amendments. The race is on. If people can give personal stories or summaries of personal stories from the web, this will have more impact on MPs.

  7. Dear Mr best in reply to your email, firtly let me just say i am sorry to hear of your problems, and would like to think that those people on hear are all of one voice, i fully understand where you are coming from, the enemies are not the people on hear but the people running the country, particularly at the moment, this lot would be more than happy if we argue amounst ourselves divide and concour, is part of how they work, for what it is worth i personally feel you should be recieving more than that, please try either(or Both) the C.A.B and the Welfare Rights People, rest assured Eddie, if i can help anyone on hear I will, as for them trying to het you back to work, what else do you expect from a party who endorse Capitalism, as its greedy best, as mentioned I am well aware there will be some form of revolution, and i prefer to fight mine amoungst those who will have no truck with the tories, please make sure you try the people i mentioned and if you get no joy please let me Know, and I will try and see if there is anywhone else who can help you. this is for me what this site is meant to be all about, helping the needy not the greedy, so chin up as they say, and dont let the ……. get you down. Your Friend The bhoyo.

  8. All i can say is if £26,000 is not enough then the people that are getting it should try and live on what i get in 2005 i had a stroke and i am forced to live on £8,200 a year this is made up of my firms pension that i had to take due to ill health my low rate DLA and £147.02 incapasity benafitt. Now the goverment wants to get me back to work but i look at it this way who would want to take on a 60 year old man who is disabled??? and not only that there was 74 firms that went broke in jan2012 all ready how meny more will go THE JOBS ARE NOT OUT THERE

  9. Have just recieved and email from Andrwe Hair(understudy to my local M.P (Helen goodman) No relation to the numtie from up north,(P.S) Im scottish myself so dont throw your toys out the pram, anyway the general concenseus seems to be with regards another issue, the capping of the £26,000 limit, if my reading of the email is correct then Helen Goodman(M.P) is in favour of it, despite the fact that they have admitted in this email that the tories have in fact got their figuers wrong and could lead to more homelessness and as a result cancell out the so called £270 million originally saved from the capping of benefits, tell you what folks you could not make this up. the only difference then seems to me to be which party these people choose to cut their benefits instead of jailing the bankers, and making the non doms pay their taxes, not to mention the M.P fiddling scandel, and a lot of people think we live in a fair democratic society, well 1% think they do but they are a tad better off than me and you. keep giving them earache. All the best to all those on this sight.

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