Is your MP a Liberal Democrat?

Liberal Democrat party conference in September 2011 passed a policy motion which opposed any arbitrary time limit on contributory Employment and Support Allowance (cESA), which the Hardest Hit coalition welcomed.

 The one-year time limit on how long someone can receive cESA was originally in the bill despite the Department for Work and Pensions estimating that 94% of those on cESA and in the work related activity group will take longer than this to find work. While the House of Lords did not remove this limit from the bill entirely, an amendment was successfully passed to make this time limit a minimum of two years (potentially more). But in February MPs will vote on whether to accept this Lords amendment, so please urge your own MP to vote to support disabled people.

 If you live in a constituency with a Lib Dem MP, please make a special effort to go to see your MP in person this week (the vote in the House of Commons could be as early as 1 February). As Lib Dem policy is against any time limit, we believe that Lib Dem MPs should at least support this Lords amendment which extends the time limit and so mitigates the effect for some people.

The below table gives details of when Lib Dem MPs are holding their surgeries before the end of the month. All Lib Dem MPs are listed, some may have other surgeries which we do not currently have information about. It is recommended that you telephone the constituency office to check details or make an appointment.

Liberal Democrat MP surgeries

If you don’t have Microsoft Word installed click this link to view the table online using Google Docs: Liberal Democrat MP surgeries (online version)

5 thoughts on “Is your MP a Liberal Democrat?

  1. Yes. !!!!
    I voted for lib Dem in the last three general Elections ,Never again !!!,This is the problem with power and politics ,it seems that sincerity and honesty are lost in the process of power.

    • The Lib-Dems have committed political suicide in teaming up with the Tories. No-one will ever again trust a word they say and true Lib-Dems will really suffer because of the supidity and lust for power exhibited by the leadership. I have no idea what to do with my vote come the next election – I wouldn’t trust a single one of them whatever their political complexion!

  2. no but i voted liberal democrat for the 1st and last time,they have kicked the disabled and there careres between the legs. what turn coats and they said they where ready govern on there own yeah right we have more chance of wining the eurovision song contest than that ever happening now.i would like to see any minster live on benfits and see how much they get you down day by day,well done to the house of lords,but i think muppet show goverment will over turn it if they do so much for freedom & what’s the use in voteting anymore.

  3. I have written to my MP several times on this issue but he’s got some tuppeny-halfpenny Junior Ministry in this benighted coalition and as a result he toes the Party Line with all his might and sends me tetchy, one-paragraph replies. Going to see him might just result in me being arrested for assault!

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