24 hours until Welfare Reform Bill vote: tweet your MP

In 24 hours MPs will start voting on whether to back important changes made to the Welfare Reform Bill by the House of Lords.

This is our last chance to make sure that thousands of people with disabilities and long-term conditions get the financial support they need from the welfare state.

If you’ve got Twitter, please tweet your MP asking them to back the extended two year time-limit on Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

Here’s how:

1) Find out if your MP is on Twitter here: simply enter your postcode or select your constituency.

2) Feel free to write your own tweet, or you can choose one of our pre-prepared ones:

Please vote tomorrow to back the Lords’ #WRB Clause 51 amendments to support the #hardesthit ill & disabled people. #vote2years

94% of people on ESA need more than 12 months to get well. Please vote to extend ESA to at least 2 years. #vote2yrs #WRB #hardesthit

Vote to support ill & disabled people. Vote to keep partners and carers in work. Please #vote2yrs on #WRB ESA clauses. #hardesthit

13 thoughts on “24 hours until Welfare Reform Bill vote: tweet your MP

  1. In mr camerons manifesto before he came to power he said that he was going to protect the elderly and the vulerable and now we know that was a lie like every thing else he has lied about they are the horrible party as they have always been known there is nothing about a tory that is any good there just a bunch of millionaires that do not give a shit about the poor period.

  2. anybody remember a chap called Adolph hitler? he was none to keen on jewish people, the disabled or anyone else come to think of it, any resemblence to the current government policies I am quite sure are purely accidental, once again I am writing this under my right to do so under articles 9 and 10 of the human rights act 1998, anyone else think the same?

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