Government Overturns Welfare Reform Bill Amendments

Last night MPs overturned key amendments to the Welfare Reform Bill that had been won in January by Peers in the House of Lords. This is a blow to disability campaigners as it reinstates many of the Governments original proposals, including one which plans to reduce contributory Employment and Support Allowance to 12 months for those with a disability, but who are judged capable of working at some point in the future.

Ministers say they will use a convention known as “financial privilege” to effectively end further parliamentary opposition and push the Bill through to become law with no further challenge.

It is important to recognise that thanks to sustained pressure by campaigners we have had some significant victories – changing proposals that would have had a serious negative effect on the lives of disabled people, including:

  • Overturning plans to cut disability benefits from people living in care homes
  • The Government is no longer going ahead with plans to increase the time people must wait before they qualify for PIP, the successor to Disability Living Allowance
  • Although stopping short of agreeing a full review, the Government committed to important concessions on the implementation of PIP.

There is more to be done, on Personal Independence Payments (PIP) in particular. The DWP consultation on the detail of this benefit that will replace DLA is currently open and later in the year regulations will be laid in Parliament. This means that we continue to campaign to ensure that the needs of all disabled people are properly understood and recognised in this new benefit.

16 thoughts on “Government Overturns Welfare Reform Bill Amendments

  1. When the Conservatives were previously in power there agenda was to cut the Welfare budget, and now they are continuing with it. New Labour continued with the agenda when they came into power. So when we are all re-assessed for the new benefit that will replace DLA, we can expect the continuation of their assessments of the disabled. I had one of their so-called independent doctors lie about my condition. In front of a witness I told him that what he said was a lie, and he said he knew, but he was going to put it anyway, and my benefits were cut..The doctors work for the government, and arenot therefore independent. The whole object of this new benefit is to cut our benefits, and I believe to put us on the lowest level of job seekers allowance. Where are these benefit cuts coming from. It is coming from the E.U, who will have what is saved from our welfare budget. The austerity programme is a big lie. We are only in debt to bankers, which we should do as in Iceland, not pay this interest. They told the bankers to get lost. If our benefits are cut we need a strategy such as moving into the council house en masse, or going into care , where the government will have to pay much more than they would have if they hadnot stole your benefit off you.

  2. carers allowance will be included in the benefits cap,I phoned benefit helpline to ask and was told it will be include in the benefit cap .Responce from MP in our area is he blamed the media for all the scaremongering,I dont know how I can send his response to anyone who is campaigning,it makes for interesting reading,he blames the previous government for everything,whens the revolution? the miners didnt have the nations sympathy,we dont neither. We are either a joke or a whinging inconvenience to the public,it could happen to anyone. I almost expect to be patted on the head or spat at when I am out. We were invisible before,now we are social pariahs,not all the public have that view though,have met some lovely people saying they support our cause. hope yet,get another rally up and running.

  3. Don’t worry, the halt,sick, and lame of UK Ltd. We will all have plenty of money, when we are working. All we have to do is get the employers to provide us with helpers to help us with our toilet needs, move our drips, etc. And will all the people out there, be conned again by the treacherous
    Liberals, with their promises and lies. And I must agree with Gerald Ward, we must hold larger noisier demonstrations, let the country know what is going on, and cause a fuss, let us be heard,
    because the MPs who voted for this bill are surely

  4. well i never,so this consevertive/lib dem so called goverment,has over turned the house of lords why?????? is the disabled and there careres being got at by the goverment that no one voted in.
    shame on all mp’s who backed this bill what ever party the belong to i hope that one day they have to live day to day on benfits 😦
    ps scrap the house of lords it’s just another home for the rich.

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