Hardest Hit Action this Autumn

The dates for Hardest Hit action this October have now been confirmed. The TUC are holding a march on Saturday 20th October in London and we are planning for a large contingent of Hardest Hit activists to join this.

The following week will see widespread protests that make clear to the government the strength of feeling that exists across the UK against their unjustified and unfair cuts to benefits and services.

We hope to get strong media coverage during the week, not only of local and regional campaign actions but also of two pieces of research. The first will highlight the impact of the cuts (current and future) on 50 disabled people, providing a face and voice to the 500,000 who will lose their DLA/PIP. The second piece of research will seek to challenge the negative public attitudes towards disabled people that the DWP and some sections of the media have been peddling.

More information and details about how to get involved in your area is coming soon.

Hardest Hit steering group

5 thoughts on “Hardest Hit Action this Autumn

  1. We need a massive turnout to show this coalition goverment that we are not going to be walked over just when they please themselves it is a disgrace that they are even thinking of taking money away from people that need it ie disabled and the most vulernable never the mind actually doing it.

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  3. Time the unions pulled the plug on labour and fund real labour candidates, 13 years of union funding labour has led to the brutality of the vulnerable, the EDM 295 was signed by a paltry 10 labour m.p,s , the penny should drop!

  4. lets hope it will make more of an impact than last time.a lot has happened in a year,people are getting really fed up putting it mildly withis the government,what with phone hacking,corrupt bankers,MPs themselves cheating and fiddling the system,peoples pensions,pays and jobs been cut,everything been cut in huge swathes,so hopefuly we wont get buried or bogged down under other stuff this time or get mixed up with the rioters,hope to make it. Its too late for some,so I hope thier plight will be heard.

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