Pat’s Petition

Pat’s petition was created by a group of friends who are all disabled or carers. The petition simply asks the government to stop and review the cuts which have been made to the benefits and services that are provided to disabled people. The system which is now in place is filing failing people, their carers and families.

The welfare reforms were not piloted, the initial plan was to monitor and assess the impact of the new approach. Since this was decided the economy unfortunately went into a recession. This has led to the governments program of cuts, leaving people confused and afraid as to what will happen to them, and how they are going to be affected.

For this reason the government needs to review the impact to these changes and the effects it will have on disabled people, their carers and families.  We ask the government to stand by its duty of care to disabled people/those with ill health, their carers and families. Regrettably at present the government is not performing this duty, resulting in a negative impact on peoples lives, leaving may individuals feeling unsafe, confused, isolated, scared and struggling to carry on.

The cuts to the benefits and services will not only impact people who need them at present, but also those who will need to use them in the future. Illness and disability can affect anyone of us in a number of different ways, during our lives.

The petition has received widespread support over the past few months from disabled people, their carers, friends and families and over 50,000 people have already signed to express their anger at the government’s ill-conceived reforms to welfare and service provision.

When the petition reaches 100,000 signatures it will be referred to a select committee and this could trigger a commons debate on the issue which would be a powerful indication of the level of opposition that exists to the government’s policies on welfare and care.

Every signature counts and will allow our view to be expressed and heard. So please show your support by signing Pat Onions’ e-petition at before the closing date on the 01/11/2012. Your support is vital for everyone’s future.

4 thoughts on “Pat’s Petition

  1. It was implied in one of the comments (and possibly the post I read it quickly) that the fitness to work assessments are the product of our present government. Speaking as a benefit worker, the whole esa thing and the medical assessments were brought in by labour government. Moreover, most benefit changes implemented by the tories were first tabled by the labour goverment. Even universal credit, labour were working towards one benefit. Guess I am saying that people when they criticise this government in respect of benefits need reminding that the only difference between this gov and the last is that this gov is trying to recover from the deficit caused by the last gov

  2. I’ve just had my assesmen today.The key to getting this right from a personal point of view is to rehearse your answers to any possible questions you may be asked – these seem to be largely based on the information you put on the assessment form – and adopt a position of ‘Maximum Impiled Menace’ towards the assesor. Speak LOUDLY, keep eye contact, ensure they understand what you have said in response to all questions by asking them to repeat it back to you. Some may be able to do this others not – not hard for ex-service folk or any body who has a full command of the language or who has worked in high value high pressure positions. If you cannot manage ‘Maximum Impiled Menace’, dont try to do so but take a line/position and make sure that the assesor understands where your boundaries are. They are not allowed to make you do anything you are not comfortable with in terms of physical jerks etc. A full assessmet is timed to take 1 hour. Make sure you overstay your welcome by using verbal delaying tactics – stringing explanations out etc. – ATOS maintain that they do not pass or fail anybody fit for work, however this is thinly veiled, as when I exploded this morning at the assesor, she said that she had to write a report based on clinical understanding that non-clinicians – the so caled Descison Makers at the DWP could understand. What does that tell you? Yes obvious isnt it.

    However I digress. Overstaying your welcome and making the experience as unpleasant as possible for the assessor slows the whole process nationally, should also lead to a a fair %age of assesors going off sick with stress – very rewarding. Finally look on the whole experience as something to be enjoyed at some elses expense – its a good way to release the anger. Remember they are more frightened of us than we are of them – we’re not right, odd, move strangely, may or may not have mental issues. And before you ask I have Poly-osteo Arthritis in every major joint, raving Diabetes and thundering depression – Bi- polar! One of the best morning’s out I’ve had for years. Tread Boldly! Steve

  3. how true,they are spending vast amounts on these firms to assess people as fit for everything,what a waste of money,they arent saying anything about that being unsustainable. what about those programmes dispatches and panorama,as long as you have a finger to press a button you are fit for work,where is the hue and cry,the outrage,why isnt it plastered over all the front pages of the papers.

  4. It is typical of this Government to bully the vulnerable because they think they can get away with it. Unless we stand up to them, they will keep doing it and are so sneaky in doing so!

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