Hardest Hit Stage Protest at Ian Duncan Smith Visit

Hardest Hit Campaigners Protest

On 2 August disabled people, including those affected by welfare cuts and workers at the threatened Remploy factories in Ashington and Newcastle held a protest outside the North Tyneside Department for Work and Pensions office during a visit by the Secretary of State Iain Duncan-Smith.

We sent a loud and clear message that disabled people will stand up for themselves. They are not ready to simply accept being forced into poverty and crisis by the unjust reforms of the Department for Work and Pensions.

Peter Bennetts, from South Shields, who is himself registered blind said; “The closure of the Remploy factories and flawed Work Capability Assessment highlighted this week are just two ways the government’s decisions are having a huge impact on the lives of disabled people. The further £10 billion of cuts that are planned in the next Comprehensive Spending Review will only make our lives even more difficult. We protested today on behalf of all disabled people in the North East.”

The Secretary of State did not stop to speak to the disabled people there who had gathered to lobby him during his visit.

13 thoughts on “Hardest Hit Stage Protest at Ian Duncan Smith Visit

  1. The unspeakable Iain Duncan-Smith, a man so horrible that even his shoes despise him! I have no idea what planet he comes from. It would nice if he spent a bit of time on ours. The quiet man of politics turned out to be a miserable little Fascist.

    • im 71 this month and disabled all my working life i paid national insurance as i expect many people did cant think why if this was a none government insurance scheme and they tried to stop payments it would cause a big storm what makes the government think they can get away with it they are bigots

  2. By not acknowledging the disabled he demonstrated exactly the feelings of the Coalition government don’t care attitude sweep it under the carpet are a simple comment from Duncan Smith but totally ignoring those quietly protesting had they been threatening he would no doubt recognise the anger and reason why a protest was important so ministers will hear our fears

    • Yes you are absolutely right my local MP has just resigned but I did not vote for her as I knew she would have her own agenda which she rightly proved yesterday. i wrote to her on many occasions and received the standard stock government spin.

      • f you are referring to L.M. then the whole point of that seemed to me to be to draw attention to herself instead of drawing attention to constituent’s problems and constituency matters.

      • I could not agree more Jim. She certainly proved in no uncertain ways that she was paddling her own canoe and could not be bothered with anyone else’s concerns or problems.

      • Roger my own MP is really active in the community he has helped me and lots of others in constituency he is hands on and I have regular contact with him he very much supports the hardest hit campaign is a LIB/DEM highly thought of in this area so I urge others to at least try to recruit and make your local MP aware of the CAMPAIGN FOR HARDEST HIT there is nothing to lose only to gain so lets each and everyone of us bring the campaign forward to every local MP

      • My wife and I have a very straightforward message to anyone who calls at our door to canvas our votes and this is it :-
        Terms and Conditions of our votes is as follows:-
        If you or your party have ever cut a care budget
        YOU do not get our votes
        If you or your party have ever voted to close a residential care home, day or respite centre
        YOU do not get our votes
        If you or your party have ever stood by and not tried to change the system of dodgy expenses claims for MP’s.
        YOU do not get our votes
        This should be a mantra for many of us who are witnessing the disastrous cuts currently being savagely applied to the vulnerable, disabled and elderly.

  3. I had an older relative who worked for Remploy all his life, he had a physical difficulty but was a proud worker and independent man. He has now passed away, I think what the government is now doing is morally very wrong completely pointless and it won’t save any money in the long run.

  4. How can such an arrogant pompous Minister of State have the audacity to totally ignore the disabled people ? He should have faced up to his responsibilities as a Minister, and have at least had the courtesy to meet some of those protesters, and asked them about their concerns.
    This proves once again that these Government ministers are living in a total bubble and are only concerned with their own individual agendas within their personal lives.
    We have to ensure that we continue protesting so that perhaps one day someone will have listened and be persuaded by their own convictions to actually start to care and look after those who are disabled and are less fortunate than themselves.

  5. Of course he didn’t stop to talk to anyone. He should have been arrested, put in the stocks, anything. For what, I’m not sure….pick a crime, any crime.

  6. this is so unfair there will be so many people voting them out at the next election how the mighty will fall cant wait

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