Welfare Reform Meeting at South Shields Town Hall

Organised by Hardest Hit and South Tyneside Public Services Alliance


The borough’s local Members of Parliament and councillors have been standing up against the benefit cuts which are affecting the most vulnerable in the area. This public meeting will help to build up to the 20 October TUC march in London, which along with trade union members many disabled people from the area will also be attending.


Friday 31 August, 6.30pm


Committee Room in South Shields Town Hall, South Shields.

Need more Information?

Please email: northeast@hardesthit.org.uk or call: 0191 234 5409

2 thoughts on “Welfare Reform Meeting at South Shields Town Hall

  1. sorry it is to far for me to travel, but good luck and i hope something transpires from it to bring decent british values to this country rather than the nazi policies of ducan smith and co.

  2. Benefit cuts affect too many of us. I personally can’t get to meeting in South Shields AND whilst I’d love to be with you in London, that again is probably not going to be possible. However, I do read your FBpage and am interested in what support I can give via my Facebook. Please keep me informed.

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