Join the Hardest Hit at the TUC march on 20 October 2012

The TUC Future that works march in London on 20 October will be  a powerful demonstration of the strength of opposition that exists to the government’s welfare reforms. Many local Trades Councils and the TUC in each region are keen to support disabled people to attend and ensure travel costs to get to London are not a barrier.

To find out what support is available locally and if we can secure free travel for you to the event, please click the link below and complete the form to register your details. We will then contact your local Trades Council to see if they can help you and other disabled activists where you live to go to London to make your and the rest of the Hardest Hit’s voices heard.

Register your interest now

Further information about accessibility at the March

If you require any additional information or are having problems accessing the form please email:

8 thoughts on “Join the Hardest Hit at the TUC march on 20 October 2012

  1. A member of staff at the TUC emailed me and I also got a phone call asking if I was still able to attend. I decided that if the District line was in operation I would definitely be going provided that it was fine. (It is no fun being wet in a wheelchair) However after my partner and I (both of us have MS and she still works in teaching, just!! But is unable to travel far.) discussed it on a very wet Friday in East London I said I was going to go rain or shine. I went not expecting to make it to Hyde Park as I self propel and would be on my own, (I do however have have power assist wheels but because the march was around four miles and my charge would not last that long I would have to do quite a bit of wheeling with the power off) however I made it thanks to the help of a fellow marcher from Croydon called David and I was glad I did. I was right at the front of the march as I was afraid of damaging able bodied marcher as I seldom see the able bodied, only people in wheelchairs and on crutches or with walking sticks!!!
    It was fantastic fantastic to be a small part of this march and all thanks to the TUC for making it as easy as possible for disabled people to attend and take part. I wheeled for all those who could not attend not just for me and my partner. The speeches were very good, I was very impressed by Ed Milliband, and I am to my shame a Lib Dem member. It was a shame that he was booed when he said that even a Labour government would have to make some cuts. Get real people, the welfare system does need reforming for the future of our children’s children. I did have to smile when he asked if there ever was a more inept PM than DC, I shouted out Gordon Brown, however I don’t think he heard!!!!!
    All in all a very good and enjoyable day. I don’t however think it will have an impact on this inept robbing the poor to give to the rich government. I only hope that the TUC will be able to organise a national one day strike and that all right minded people will take part, maybe then the government will sit up and take notice……
    Thanks to the TUC and all the stewards I met and were very helpful, and a big thank you to the Spanish Artist who carried a large oil painting of a ‘stripped bare George Osborne’. It made me smile and lots of other people too..Well done to all the disabled people who did either the full or small march, shame I can’t see able bodied people I am sure there was a lot there!!!!!

  2. Thank you to all of you who are able to go on the march on behalf of those unable. I imagine the majority of those who will be affected by the austerity cuts to sickness and benefits will, like me, the ‘unnoticed’ ie not well enough to participate in person, so we need to find other ways of registering our protest through writing to MPs etc.

  3. For those of us that can, I would encourage disabled people to attend the rally on Saturday.

    The presence of disabled people at the march on Saturday is an essential element of our proactive stance against government cuts in demonstrating for our right to live our lives free from poverty by asserting our leadership. It is unacceptable for this government to promote equality and coproduction whilst at the same time undermining our financial security and our ability to participate as fully equal members of society, current government spending cut related polices are an affront to our human rights and our dignity. Having stage the Paralympics and increased the profile of disabled people in our society this government should be ashamed of its intended policy reforms…..

  4. I am not sure the TUC are serious about having us involved, or they lack understanding of how difficult it is for us wheelchair users to get into central London on a weekend, it takes time and careful planning, which is why I registered straight away on the 25th August. I am still waiting for a response from them with details. So I am not convinced they really want us disabled folk there. I hope they prove me wrong and contact me soon……SL

  5. Hi, I would love to be there I use a walking stick to get out the house, I can only walk about 20ft with great difficulty, mainly with pain in my spine, legs, breathlessness, heart pain, and balance issuers.
    Oh to be normal and younger again.

  6. It is important if you are like me disabled to go on this march if you are able. Because most of us with a disability cannot get out and about without considerable planning, so we are seldom seen and therefore thought about. So if you can you can attend specially if you are a wheelchair or scooter user or use other visible aids to get about, then join me by being there. We need to make our presence felt and our strength of feelings known. We must also do it because the TUC is going out of their way to get us there, so we have no excuse. I know it will be not easy for a lot of us but if we can get there with help then we should be there, whatever our politics……..SL

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