Challenging Disability Hate Crime in your Area

Recent research has shown that 56% of disabled people have had someone act in a hostile, aggressive or violent way towards them because of their disability. Last year, the Equality and Human Rights Commission published its Hidden in Plain Sight report, which showed that many public bodies that have a role in stopping this hostility, are not doing enough.

Police and crime commissioners will be the elected people who will take on the role of the existing police authorities. They will set the priorities for police forces and will be accountable to the people who have elected them. There will be 41 police and crime commissioners – one for each existing police force area outside London. The first elections for the role will be held on 15 November 2012.

The new commissioners will be key figures in developing the direction of police forces. It is essential that this direction includes a commitment to tackling hate crime, as recommended by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

How to get Involved

After the The Hardest Hit North-East Conference in June we produced a manifesto that calls on all new police and crime commissioners to commit to tackling disability hate crime. Please forward this document to the candidates in your area.

Disability Hate Crime – Manifesto for the Police and Crime Elections 2012

The Mencap “Stand by Me” campaign guide contains information about the new police and crime commissioner role plus resources and advice on how to get involved with campaigning to challenge disability hate crime.

“Stand by Me” Campaign guide on police and crime commissioners

The Home Office website also offers more details about the Police and Crime Commissioner Role and the format of the 15 November elections:

About the role

About the elections

Please contact if you require further information

6 thoughts on “Challenging Disability Hate Crime in your Area

  1. Disgusting cowardly Caregivers hate on defenseless non verbal, autistic man by punching him, pulling his hair and slamming him to ground and poking him in the eye. They were caught on tape secretly abusing the patient. Clearly, A stealth way to show their secret hate.

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  3. Hello fellow MSers,
    Having to deal with aggressive and lies from rich greedy neighbours, who have now applied to court to delay hearing of boundary, when my wife is crippled due to their hostile attitude throughout. What’s her fault? Do we deserve such attitudes and threatening behaviour from others, esp their neighbours. My wife is getting worse day by day, due to stress We can’t even reside in our home now. We wanted wheelchair

    • Sorry the previous post was incomplete, as no internet facility at this rented room we’ve to survive in, except for mobile phone. I hope that justice gets served on basis of truth, rights of human life over greed of the hostile, who are keen to occupy few inches wide piece of land.
      Thanks for reading.
      Hope my scribble gets posted!

  4. Its great that people are doing stuff, but i am very much doubting anyone will listen. of course i will still join and do stuff, but the only people who care are the people who are affected, us and our families. the government will just look the other way and pretend that we are not here. we are an embarrassment to them, cos they know what that they are doing is wrong, but the rich have to get richer and we have to struggle more and more so that can happen. if change comes, hazzah, and i will be the first to eat my disabled bus pass. but i really don’t think anything will change for the good. sorry for being such a downer :/

  5. Sirs, what we have now got to beware of is:the Tory government will use the achievements of the heroes of the Paralympics to suggest that there is no such thing as disability just lazy people. Let’s get our retaliation in first, faithfully, Chris Coates half-blind, one-armed cripple of this parish

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