Join the Hardest Hit: campaigning tips from an MS Society volunteer

Author: Melva Steckles

Disabled people and their families are being hit hard by cuts to the benefits and services they need to live their lives. By joining the Hardest Hit campaign you and I can send a message to the Government – get it right for disabled people now, because the costs of getting it wrong are too high.

Taking local action

I volunteer for the Hambleton and Richmond branch of the MS Society. We’ve organised a Question Time event that is taking place on October 26 and open to all Hardest Hit supporters – with James Wharton MP as a guest speaker alongside other specialist panellists.

We are inviting the local media and expect around 100 in the audience – click here to register your place for the event.

We will discuss Employment Support Allowance, the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) and the National Service Framework (NSF), and ask questions about other benefits and services.

Our branch will follow up the results of the event and keep the pressure on the MP, the new clinical commissioning group and other practitioners to make sure good progress is made on the WCA and the NSF.

Anyone can be a Hardest Hit campaigner

You don’t have to organise an event like ours to be involved in the campaign. You can:

  • Tell others about the Hardest Hit campaign. Post a link to the website on Facebook, email your friends, family and colleagues or speak to your neighbour. The more people who know about the campaign, the better!
  • Attend a local Hardest Hit event. Events will be added to this page, our Facebook page and Twitter feed as details are finalised.
  • Organise a group of friends and family to visit your MP’s surgery during Hardest Hit week – Contact us for advice on how to arrange to meet your MP and what to say when you meet them.
  • Plan a local campaign action. This could be a local meeting or event (like the one we’re doing), a petition, or contacting your local media.

Keep Hardest Hit in the loop

Whatever action you take or want to take, please let us know by contacting:

5 thoughts on “Join the Hardest Hit: campaigning tips from an MS Society volunteer

  1. Govt has “got it wrong already” – weeding out those who need a hand up to get back into work (as opposed to getting a ‘hand out’ instead of work) by financially distressing those people who have become vulnerable or ill is not the way forward for our society to improve – short-sighted, knee-jerk measures. Financially ‘bashing’ the ‘easy targets’ is just plain stupid, woolly thinking. Come on Govt – YOU work for US, not the other way round!

  2. Hi Anne,
    We don’t know for sure that people with progressive conditions will be subject to annual assessments – the DWP are still making decisions around that – and that’s one of the things we’ll be campaigning on. But it’s definitely a message that we’d encourage everyone to take to their MPs (as I’m sure Melva will be doing) to make sure they put the pressure on to ensure reassessments will be realistic and proportionate.
    Hayley (DBC co-chair)

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