Report from 29 September Hardest Hit Event in Glasgow

Photo of the Hardest Hit Banner displayed at the event in Glasgow

On 29 September 2012, 120 disabled people and carers met at TouchBase, Glasgow to find out more about proposed benefit cuts and how to fight back. Richard Gass from Rights Advice Scotland led delegates through the changes and what they mean for disabled people and their families whilst Bill Scott from Inclusion Scotland gave some great advice on how to lobby politicians. Many people expressed concern about the impact that further cuts to benefits could have on their lives.

Views gathered at the event will be put to politicians as part of an upcoming fringe event at the Scottish Liberal Democrats conference on 27 October, during the Hardest Hit week of action. The Hardest Hit in Scotland will be launching a ‘time capsule’ film on the day which will be sent to politicians across Scotland. The film and more photos from this event will be available online soon.

Join us on Facebook or follow @HardestHit & @HardestHitScot on Twitter to be kept up to date as the campaign continues.

Thanks to everyone who attended!

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