Response to Government plans for £10 billion further welfare cuts

George Osborne has announced a further £10 billion of further welfare cuts in his speech to the 2012 Conservative Party Conference. 

Steve Winyard, co-chair of the Hardest Hit coalition, says:

“The confirmation today of a further £10 billion of cuts to the welfare budget will evoke fear in disabled people across the country, who continue to be the hardest hit by cuts. We have already seen £9 billion removed from disability benefits and services in this Parliament. Disabled people are now at tipping point.

“Only two weeks ago the Deputy PM said talk of a further £10 billion welfare cuts was ‘wild’ and that the Lib Dems wouldn’t allow the deficit to be cut on the backs of the poorest. The Government has crucial choices to make over the next twelve months, and we are calling for assurances that they will get it right and rule out targeting disabled people with further cuts.”

34 thoughts on “Response to Government plans for £10 billion further welfare cuts

  1. the new Universal Credit Scheme stars its trial peroid today in certain parts of the country from what I have read it is complicated(so we poor thick bastards cant understand it) and by all accounts will have to be applied for on-line, what if you are not computer literate? or literate at all full stop? no doubt this has all been looked at and well thought out by our caring sharing government, noticed Iain “DRUNKEN” Smith asking rich pensioners to give back their heating allowance, bus passess ECT, there is between $21- $34 Trillion in offshore accounts, enough to wipe off all the debt and put this country back on a level footing, the problem is it would involve taking money from the rich, who although technically they may not break the law, they abuse it more than a sick catholic priest with a vulnerable alter boy, for the record was brough up a catholic, am now a more educated Agnostic,who did not fall prey to those who hide behind the cloth and abuse children, had I been, lets just say that by this time like Mr Hannibal Lector I would be having an old friend for dinner, he would now be enjoying penis “A” la mode, namely his own served in a rich red sauce, Pity there isnt something similar for the current government to eat, any other Suggestions please? like clegg stew or Cameron con carne? or how about keeping it simple and buy some mince, served with Cameron and Clegg, the new name for Mince and Dumplings.

    • could not have expressed it any better myself! Further cuts to welfare extremely worrying as struggling just now nothing to fall back on same as a lot of others! Sooner get this lot out the better but who do you vote in trust NONE of them!

  2. Whats the Difference between Jimmy Savile and this Government NOTHING! they are both abusers and rapists of the vulnerable.

    This Government are raping benefit claimants and the working person of their wealth, it will not stop until they are removed from power, the Benefit Reform Bill needs to be repealed.
    The DWP are systematically searching through all bank accounts and matching them with benefit claimants details, they are harvesting all the overpayment of benefits they can find to fill up the coffers of the exchequer but on the other hand this Government are not interested in closing the loop holes the rich and mega companies use to avoid tax, just like Jimmy Savile this Government are getting away with it.

  3. The time for the revolution is now my freinds, doing nothing is not an opition now left open to us, we must be seen to be heard, I have won a small victory over helping a disabled freind of mine,not having to go for the dreaded ATOS Medical, he is 60, has polio, is wheelchair bound, is also a diabetic and an amputee, and recently bereved, but apart from all that he was also concidered for having to attend a medical, but with the help of a very supportive doctors note, and me contacting my M.P,S Office and generally kicking up holly hell, they(ATOS/DWP/Government) have now decided,(how nice of the bastards) that he does not have to go for one, I am currently on a hunger strike, and await a decicion, i am more than prepared to die for what i believe in,via the peaceful hunger strike, the problem is that only works when you are dealing with people with a concience, i would much prefer this to be resolved peacefully, but it now seems abundantly clear this wont be possible, are there any old servicement out there who have not been treted entirly fair by this current government? any freedom fighters or mercenaries prepared to give their services free for a more than worthy cause? to qoute a once great Tory (not verbatim) Give me the tools and I will finish the job,even then the great Winstone Churchill was like most Tories only realy good in times of WAR during peace times, not that great,so if you cant beat them as they say. all comments welcome, this article is covered under the huam Rights Acts and protoclols 1998 Articles 9 and 10 Apply, all others not mentioned are Tacitly (Implied) as in accordance with the said constitution signed up to by Britain in 2000, Thank you for taking the time to read this hope it both inspires(those of us who need it to) and annoys and upsets, the Capitist Scum who are making our life not worth living, the logic from that being, if I am going to be better off dead, lets go down fighting.

  4. I am aged 66 and I grown up in this awful world first place I grew up was the East End so they told me once they hear how you talk they will assume your thick and most ignorant the rich will becuas ethen we had upper class middle class and lower class so I was according to that scale the lower of the lower half, then I got a job at 15 and worked hard joined the forces learn’t another thing words and promises made by Government mean nothing as they said in one breath how great we were yet in the next breath said we are closing places to save money even when I first join if you was killed say like Aden you got buried no Royal Wotten Basset for us nothing then the Faklands the Labour Government of the day caused that why? Cause the scrap the ship that used to go down there and even was prepairing to hand over those Islands to the ARGIES till Maggie come in and only then did the then Government of the day for the first time offer to bring home those fallen. Then we had Northern Ireland no thanks there just do your job sadly British servicemen and women serving on British Streets British soil for what? Abuse no thanks nothing O I forgot I once got called a baby killer and once someone spate in my beer, no thanks from any one. Then to the present time broke my back in three places seven years back nobody helped me or or my wife even the Royal British Legion for all their promises to help those who served refused to help me get a power chair thank you Royal British Legion and thank you H.M Government for also making two years of dam hard to get proper benefits. Thank you to the National Health serviced who when you break your back in three or just one place send you to a General Hospital and after making more mess of you send to finally to speicalist hospital to make right all the mess the General hospital mucked up big time. Then I am told times are hard cut backs but do I get cheap electricy as I cannot regulate my body temp as it is broken so I need more in winter heat and in summer I brew up. Yet no power supplier takes that into account no Government listens to those charites fighting to make them under stand how hardship hits people like myself.. Then we get hit by huge fuel rises sadly in my part of the country buses fit for disabled travel unlike London Sheffield or Manchester are far and wide so having car to be inderpendent is the key to the quailtly of my life style. So you see why I do not vote do not trust one inch those in power and before I go on I forgot Maggie Thacher promise the Royal Marine Band after 13 bandsmen were killed at Deal Barracks by the thugs of the so called IRA would never be closed in life time yet six months later closed and is a housing estate. Yep I sound bitter very bitter no not really I just do not trust any person rich or in Politics local or higher simply this I was brought into a world of so much inblance nothing changes and never will so when I get to those crossroads and St Peter meets me as I approach his desk he will ask would you like to return to this planet later? I ask him can I come back as an aiminal please? Why he will ask? Why well if you let me be an Elephant have you seen them poo god that is some poo they do so I will reverse and poo on all of those who have made my whole so very hard that is why. No doubt this article will be removed at some point as health warning

    • Hi Barry, All I can do is apologize for the British government, as no one in it will apologize for themselves. I don’t know you so I wouldn’t know if you were bitter or not but you and all the other ex members of our services have every right to be that way. Especially yourself with all the injuries and pain you have to deal with. I was reading in my paper today about the servicemens charter, where ex members should get as much help as they need and can. The case they were talking about was a soldier who had done one tour in IRAQ and two in Afghanistan. He is now out of the army is in civilian life working. He hasn’t got house and he and his wife and two kids have to live with his wife’s parents and her brother and sister. All his council says is that he has no more rights than any one else. It said in the report that he will have to wait nine years before he will get a council house. It’s obvious in today’s Britain that any one of the lower order have to fight for any thing that they have or will have and even then they are not guaranteed even a house or different benefits when they need them.Even if they were like myself and you and others who have worked most of there life. In my case that is 43 years. I like your self have been working since I was fifteen and it was mainly in construction. I was told to retire by my doctor through ill health two years ago, at the age of 56 and am not fit to work any more. I have a small pension but between that and the benefits I get I can manage, but I’m not entitled to council tax rebate or rent rebate or anything like that. Also like yourself need to have a car to get me about as I live up a side road away from the main road. My nearest main road is about a mile away and I have only two service buses a day and they don’t always suit. I have a mobility car that is paid out of my benefit, so leaving less money for me to live on. Also I live on an Island which makes the cost of living an awful lot higher. A liter of diesel here is about fifteen pence dearer than on the nearest mainland town. I have to go across there about once a month to get shopping and also go to the hospital for appointments. If the appointment is for procedures then I can get my car, myself and a carer across for £10, but if not or it is purely a pleasure trip then I have to pay half price for both. This costs £35 return. Paying this I can get my fuel and food cheaper but I am unable to go more than once a month. I wish there was something that I can do to help you, but being in the same boat as yourself almost there is nothing I can do but pray for you and anyone else that is in this position through no fault of our own. I also could not agree more with you over new labour or even Scottish labour they seem not to do anything for the people who they were set up to help.I listen to all of them spouting out there sound bites and lies. The Lib/Dems aren’t any better, they just go along with anyone or thing as long as they can get in power. Any way I’ve ranted enough but I can’t honestly say it has helped anything very much.

    • Sort of, Gloucestershire Against Cuts, but nobody is interested in doing anything. Started in 2010, a demonstartion was organised for October 2010 and only five or six people turned up. Nothing has been organised since, and it appears that the organiser isn’t doing anything to generate interest now.

  5. Picking on the easy targets again! What a clever move by ATOS to co-sponsor the Paralympics to show the masses that disabled folk are either mega athletes or scroungers, how easily people are manipulated. Does ATOS have to ‘save’ the massive amounts of money that have been paid for their conttracts?

  6. This Government opposes assisted suicide and yet, they cut benefits all round leaving disabled folk, pensioners and anyone else unfortunate enough to enjoy the HIGH LIFE on benefits to:
    Become isolated
    Uncared for

    Stop them NOW!! Mxx

  7. Sounds like ‘We won’t raise students tuition fees’ which leaves me wondering who at the top of the pile is the biggest Moron…Dave or his lapdog Nick…..bring back Guy Fawkes PLEASE!

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