West Midlands Event: Hardest Hit Video Sessions

Even if you are unable to attend our meeting in Birmingham on 26 October, you can still take part in the West Midlands Hardest Hit campaign activity.

We are holding a series of video ‘vox pop’ sessions around the region.

Come and record a video message about the difference that the benefits and services you receive make to your life.

The message can be sent to your local councillors or MPs or used on the Hardest Hit Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Recording sessions at the following locations have already been arranged:

Thursday the 18th of October – AM. At Nuneaton United ReformChurch, Chapel Street, Nuneaton, CV11 5QH. In association with Warwickshire Association for the Blind.

Friday the 19th of October – PM. At Telford Mind, The Wellbeing Centre, 76-83 Severn Walk, Telford.

Tuesday the 23rd of October – AM. At Sight Concern Worcestershire, The Bradbury Centre, 2 Sansome Walk, Worcester.

If you are interested in coming to any of these meetings, for more information or for other ways to get involved please contact Rebecca Swift on 0121 665 4260 or e-mail rswift@rnib.org.uk.

If you are a disability organisation in the West Midlands who would like to host a video vox pop session then please do get in touch.

2 thoughts on “West Midlands Event: Hardest Hit Video Sessions

  1. I am apalled at the way the government is attacking the most vulnerable people in society and following their party conference, where they claim to cut the welfare budget further, things are going to get worse.!!

  2. its a pure disgrace what the goverment is doing to the most vuneralble of people in society, if this were a playground then they would be the bullies!

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