Bristol Event: Protest on College Green

When: Thursday 25 October, 12 noon
Where: Bristol City Council Offices, College Green

As a follow up to the ‘Future that works’ march in London on Saturday 20th October 2012 campaigners in Bristol will be holding a peaceful protest on College Green at noon on Thursday 25 October to remind Councillors, Officers and all people that disabled people have been the hardest hit by national cuts to benefits and services.

Please email and let us know if you are planning to come along to this protest so we have a rough idea of numbers.

One thought on “Bristol Event: Protest on College Green

  1. If you are not doing so already, it is time to act!
    From April 2013 Disabled people are going to be hit again, and again, and again –
    The despicable Atos will start kicking people off Disability Living Allowance (as well as the current work they are doing kicking people off unemployment benefits that acknowledge the extra costs of being disabled person);
    Universal Credit will be phased in which will no longer include the ‘disability’ and ‘severe disability’ allowances included in a range of other income-related benefits;
    Housing Benefit changes will see many Disabled people no longer getting full housing benefit if they are in private sector rented housing and having to pay a little more in rent so that they have a house with hallways and rooms wide enough to take an electric wheelchair or mobility scooter;

    These are just three off the top of my head, there are more.

    So, get your warm clothes on, your brolly out and join us in Bristol to say “Enough!”

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