Police & Crime Commissioners challenged to help stop disability hate crime

This week at Newcastle Civic Centre, Northumbria’s candidates to be Police and Crime Commissioner were questioned by over 100 disabled people. Both Labour candidate Vera Baird QC and Conservative Phil Butler attended, joined also by a representative of the Liberal Democrat candidate who was unable to attend in person. The Hustings meeting was organised by the Hardest Hit North East, made up of charities including Mencap and RNIB with the support of Unison and their disabled members in Newcastle.

Vera Baird QC committed to support the Hardest Hit’s statement on Disability Hate Crime, with Phil Butler raising some of the evidence on the issue and the Liberal Democrat representative discussing the previous mechanisms under the Police Authority’s oversight to deal with one of the serious cases raised which has not yet unfortunately been resolved.

In West Yorkshire, at an event with people with a learning disability on Thursday Mark Burns-Williamson, former Chair of the Police Authority, also supported the disability hate crime manifesto developed by the Hardest Hit and activists at our conference which discussed the issues involved a few months ago.

Please visit https://thehardesthit.wordpress.com/2012/08/31/tackling-disability-hate-crime-in-your-area/ to get a copy of the manifesto to send it to your Police and Crime Commissioner candidates in your area to ask them to commit to put tackling disability hate crime in their first Police and Crime Plan if elected.

To find out more about the elections, and from the 26th October information on the candidates in your area, visit http://www.choosemypcc.org.uk/

2 thoughts on “Police & Crime Commissioners challenged to help stop disability hate crime

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  2. Ask Phil Butler about his involvement in the Martin McGartland case, ask Phil about his involvement in the Martin McGartland case and the Northumbria Police corruption in it (from the very Top down). Martin McGartland says; “I have had dealings with Phil Butler, he lied to me as the victim of a crime, he also covered-up in my case, he even told me he, NP would ‘pick-up’ (arrest) a Solicitor I complained about. Phil Butler should not be trusted, he is not (nor in my view will he ever be) ‘Independent’. He has blocked me from his pages on facebook just because he is trying to hide, cover-up his past and the cover-up” Phil Butler will not confirm if he will deal with the Criminal Corruption at Northumbria Police, some of which is (has) been carried out by his friends in the police. Please do not be fooled by Phil Butler.


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