Hardest Hit Scotland Video Preview

The Hardest Hit team in Scotland have been busy working on a video of messages from disabled people to the government. Check out these preview clips now and look out for the full release this weekend! Follow @HardestHitScot on Twitter for regular updates about Hardest Hit activity in Scotland

3 thoughts on “Hardest Hit Scotland Video Preview

  1. This is NAZI rule of the ConDemLabour Coalition Continuity Government being drawn out under the disguise of austerity measures – A massive lie and part of The Final Solution Of The Elite !

  2. I agree, it’s just the circumstances which have put us in this position of being disabled, do they think we like to be as we are, not having a chance to enjoy life. The poverty makes life far worse than it should be. I think the suicide rate will go up especially young men – always been the most vulnerable group and these are the physically well but their mental health can get worse when they can’t find jobs. How many times do I hear ‘people/disabled must look for work’ -, there are no jobs here in North West England.
    For the past 16 years I’ve been in constant and severe pain and being terrorised by people who have no medical training is devastating, i know – i’ve had to attend four tribunals in the past to get DLA, It is horrible when ‘these supposed medically trained people’ don’t believe a word you say. Being 66 has meant i no longer have to live this terror. I feel so sorry for those who are younger than me.Today my neighbour couldn’t breathe, he had the GP out and many times the Ambulance have been called to help him to breathe – yet he has been told today he must look for work and to go on a course for computing. He has been housebound for years.He is 62 and looks 82, read my lips this man can’t work’. I don’t think he has long to live.

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