‘A Working Dog’ video released

For The Hardest Hit week Kaliya Franklin and Paul Carter asked a man and a dog to have a Work Capability Assessment. It may be funny, but its no joke that 4/10 WCA appeals are successful, in 2010/11 WCA appeals cost £42million and 78% of disabled people say their health got worse as a result of WCA stress…


3 thoughts on “‘A Working Dog’ video released

  1. This is the most powerful video I have seen. So sad and so true – to be treated as an object rather than a vulnerable person. My husband has been battling MS for almost 20 years and made his first DLA application this February – little did we know what we were getting into. Do the Government think we are making a sick joke or do they all read the Daily Mail. You may have guessed, he was rejected – the MS symptoms have caused my husband to fail the mini mental test and to face serious reduction in hours in his already low paid job – our second DLA application was also rejected even with CAB support and our appeal is still in the system 4 months on. Meanwhile Christmas is looming and the unbearable stress caused is having a disastrous impact on both of our mental health. The DWP may as well point a gun to our heads.

  2. I am Malcolm Mort from Cardiff and know of three people who have had their benefits stopped by the DWP after dealing with ATOS Medical Examining Services. All three have attempted suicide and required in hospital psychological treatment. One of them collapsed in the driveway of his home, breaking an arm and a leg with his heart problem after the DWP took his mobility car away from him. He now sits at home in a wheelchair oblivious to what is happening about him. Needless to say that the costs have been picked up by the NHS in all three cases. As a member of Child
    Poverty Action Group I tend to talk to an ever increasing number of DWP and ATOS victims to refer to the CAB and Community legal help and advice Centres franchised to do DWP Benefit work. I regard the DWP & ATOS as unfit for service advising benefit claimants to consider appealing against their benefit rejections.

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