Hardest Hit comments on 13 December 2012 Personal Independence Payment (PIP) announcement

The Hardest Hit, a coalition of over 90 disabled people’s organisations and disability charities, including the MS Society, RNIB and Mencap, has condemned the Government’s decision to press ahead with a £2 billion cut to vital support provided by DLA/PIP. Today’s statement by the Government on the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) regulations is “crushingly bad news”.

Steve Winyard, co-chair of the Hardest Hit coalition, said:

“Just a couple of weeks before Christmas, the Government has delivered crushingly bad news for over 600,000 disabled people. Today’s announcement of the PIP regulations confirms that they will lose all help with the extra living costs they face due to their impairment*. A further sizeable group will receive significantly reduced financial support in order to deliver the £2 billion saving that the Treasury is seeking from the abolition of DLA**. This is a cruel and unwanted early Christmas “present” for disabled people already hardest hit by the Government’s austerity programme.”

“Back in 2010 the Prime Minister promised to protect the most vulnerable while seeking to reduce the deficit. However this has been totally forgotten as disabled people experience deep cuts to their benefits, services and rights. Last week it was the reduction in the value of Employment and Support Allowance, today it is entitlement to DLA/PIP.”

Losing DLA will not only impact on living standards, it will also make it much harder for disabled people to return to work. As Nicky a Hardest Hit campaigner comments:

“I’ll lose lower rate care for sure. That’s £20.55 a week as it stands. It’ll make things tight. I will struggle, but the kicker will come when I attempt to go back to work because without my DLA, I won’t qualify for the Disabled Person’s Tax Credit so won’t be able to afford to do part time work to ease me back in. I’ll need to find a full time job paying at 18k a year despite a massive gap in my CV, continuing health problems and starting a new career after my old one wasn’t at all being ill friendly. So I can’t afford to work part time, I can’t do straight back to full time…looks like I’m going to be stuck on ESA forever. All for the sake of that £20.55 per week support going, I’m thrown on the scrapheap, never to pay tax or NI again.”

The Government makes great play of the fact that they consulted widely on these changes. But as Kaliya Franklin of the Spartacus collective points out:

“True co-production means working in partnership with disabled people and both parties agreeing upon all details, not asking disabled people what they think and then only listening to answers the government like. So for Ministers to claim that PIP has been co-produced is at best misleading and at worse untrue. Many thousands of disabled people along with charities and Disabled People User-Led Organisation’s responded to the government’s consultation on DLA – PIP; the ‘Spartacus Report’ which was written and produced by disabled people themselves comprehensively disproved the government’s claims to have consulted. Asking for responses but ignoring the answers is neither listening nor co-producing. The Spartacus Report resulted in defeat for the government in multiple votes in the House of Lords, which were railroaded by the government using financial privilege to get its own way. It is deeply disappointing to see DWP Minister’s once again claiming to have worked with disabled people, when all that means is that disabled people were asked and any disagreement with the government was ignored.”

Hardest Hit rejects the £2 billion cut and rejects the idea that there are more than 600,000 disabled people who do not need their DLA. In “The Tipping Point” report, published by the Hardest Hit coalition in October, we pointed to a number of alternative ways to make the £2 billion saving. The Government should not be trying to reduce the deficit on the backs of disabled people.

For more information contact Jenna Litchfield, Senior Press Officer, MS Society. Phone: 020 8438 0782 jlitchfield@mssociety.org.uk.

*By October 2018 if Government continued with DLA, 2.182m disabled people of working age would be receiving some help with either daily living or mobility. With PIP the number is 1.575m. So, overall the PIP caseload in May 2018 will be around 608,000 lower than the DLA caseload would have been without the introduction of PIP.

** The DWP estimates that by May 2018 510,000 re-assessed DLA recipients will see a reduction in their award.

Notes to Editors

The Hardest Hit coalition brings together the Disability Benefits Consortium (DBC) and the UK Disabled People’s Council (UKDPC).

31 thoughts on “Hardest Hit comments on 13 December 2012 Personal Independence Payment (PIP) announcement

  1. i am 44 yrs old i had an accident at work when i was 30, since then i have been on benefits income support now esa, i injured my lower back damaging the discs and nerves and the pain is unbareable at times and will have a domino effect on the rest of my spine which is happening but the government still sent me for a interview at the job center before christmas as they put me in the working group of esa, i did go to the interview took all my medical reports with me saying that the injury i substained i am unfit for work as i cant walk far i cannot lift anything and i cant sit or stand for long i rely on other people to help me out as i cant go anywhere by my self.
    i do get dla the care and mobility componant i have a mobility car as well this helps me to get out of the house otherwise im house bound, i cannot walk no more than 30 mtrs on a good day due to increasing pain on a bad day i cant even do that, so when the new pip comes out they have lowered the distance from 50 mtrs to 20 mtrs so i will not get the new pip at all in the near future i will be house bound my depression will worsen wont have a car the extra money what i did get paid from dla was for extra heating the internet , telephone and fuel for the car so im not socially isolated.
    so what am i to do now if i lose this benefit its hard enough now to live so what dose the government want us to do? give up on life altogether? i have thought of that many a time but my kids got me through it all if it wasnt for them i wouldnt be here and that would of save the goverment a few pounds wouldnt it.
    one big joke really they are sitting comfortly with their millions of pounds in their pockets as long as they are ok the rest dont matter.

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  3. To Terira Lillian, please let me explain something to you with regards to people with either an alcohol problem or a drug habit, people are not born either alcoholics or addicted to drugs, let us not forget alcohol is legal. and professor Nutt who was dismissed by the government because of his clear realisation of such a fact, alcohol is actually worst than most other drugs, yet we can all buy it, despite it,s clear damaging effects that it can have, not only on the individual over either short or long periods of time, but to the overall wellfair of the nation, both from the cost to the NHS and the other services, to which the repercussions are numerous and varied, I fully take on board your point, that you feel “these people” should not be helped, this type of attitude only shows a selfishness more suiteable to the current governments attitude, of looking after yourself first, please listen to your statment, and then follow it up by this, “WHO DO WE TARGET NEXT”? the Obese?(for eating to much?) the Metally impaired?(because the dont have the so called capicity to comprehend as well as others? the phsically disabled?(simply for the fact that they are? let me at this point explain,I do have an alcohol problem, i also suffer from severe depression, whether the two are corrolated is irrelevant, I also suffer from various other ailements as well, so am I to lose my benefit simply because one of my problems does not lie comfortably with certain opinions? least we not forget, the current government is the problem, as a supporter of not only the Hardest hit but also 38% degrees and others,I am also a registered carer for a long time friend who has recently lost both his oldest brother and his Wife, he is a wheelchair user, is 60 years of age, and has numeracy and Literacy problems, and the DWP was going to send him for a medical, I went with my freind to this “so called medical” deemed not fit for purpose on both Panorama and Dispatches, the medical was to be held up five flights of stairs, so could not go ahead. with the help of both his doctor an our M.P, they decided he did not need to go for one. can everyone to a man/woman on this site please do the same and contact your M.P untill they are sick of the sight of you. we need more demonstrations,and pettitions, to conclude Terira, you have my sympathy for the problems you have, but as a believer in Human rights,it is there to protect us all, not to divide and conquer, please remember that,I would like to finish by also mentioning this, as a reader, and someone with great interest in Science, technology, and also the law, on the way through to the library today, I met a guy from the same town I live, who is loosing his sight, by sheer co-incidence I mentioned to him about the current research on both AMD and cell research, the most recent being mice have been givin their sight back(to some degree) by injecting cells into the eye of the mice with the said type of disease, Stevie actually was aware of this as his specialist had mentioned it to him, but sadly his eyes have deteriorated to far I think. unfortunately i dont have time today to look into this further as I have other things to do, but I will research further on this matter(by the way N.I.C.E) have approved Lucentis(for AMD and Diabetics who may have glucoma) but the final decision wont be until Febuary. I am due to go for yet another medical despite winning two appeals. I wont be going, I will immediately start a hunger strike until I am dead, and hope that the CPS prosocute the Decision Maker, for making a clear and concious decision knowing what my actions to being sent for one will be. Cause and effect. I would hate to think Terira that I was giving up my life for people not enterely in agreement with the principles that i would be doing that for, namely prejudicing their clam to any benefit over other, because of the way the illness/disease/disability has come about, one final point on that do we then say that any soldiers who go to war and lose limbs, sight, and suffer from post truamatic stress syndrome are less worthy because they “put themselves in that position” I think not when doctors treat patients for an illness they do so bound by the hippocratic oath, its founding principles, and moral and ethical code of conduct which governs it, and just like certain article in the 1998 human rights acts and protocols, that type of guideing principle should be available to all, and an inviolable right,(like articles 2 and 3 of the said acts) for the record both me and you are both covered under Article,s 9 and 10 (freedom of speach and conciounce) and the day we cease to be democracy is dead. this Government wants to change the human rights Act? to replace it with a Bill of Rights? why? so they can minipulate it accordingly, no laws are in effect perfect, due to either flaws or misinterpretation of them,as a supporter of Amnesty International they must not be allowed to be altered, and replaced with a lesser product, that would give this government even more power, to corrupt than they already have, $21-$34 Trillion lies in Offshore accounts, and we the most needy are asked to pay for the mistakes of Bankers and those in power, my best wishes to you all, and long live the revolution. i will be heading back to my Native Scotland at some point, if not to Study Law(Human rights Mostly) then at least to die up there.I have no intention of complying with injustice. that this so called democratic government are inflicting upon us. doing nothing is not an option, i wish you all well in OUR FIGHT FOR JUSTICE but we must all stick toghether, United we stand. divided we fall.

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