Will Labour protect disabled people? Pat’s Petition goes to Westminster to find out

From Pat Onions, of Pat’s Petition:

After weeks of waiting – sorting out the logistics of travel to London – Pat’s Petition finally has a date for meeting with Liam Byrne MP, Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary. Wednesday 6 February will see five of us at Westminster.

This meeting could not be happening at a more crucial moment in the long, sad history of this persecution. Because there is so much visible distress and so much suffering is now happening in real time in the public arena – before the eyes of the nation – people are beginning to see through the spin and myths – and see the truth.

There were two very serious debates in parliament last week. In the debate called by Michael Meacher on WCA and ATOS – MP after MP queued up to recite the litany of appalling cases that they had seen in their surgeries. Thank you Michael.

In the debate in the House of Lords, motion proposed by Baroness Hollis, Lord Freud showed once again that he does not care.

The Centre of Welfare reform also released a report this week, How the cuts affect disabled people (PDF).

So Pat’s Petition is going to Westminster to talk to Labour. We are hopefully going to finalise arrangements for an Opposition Day debate calling for a Cumulative Impact Assessment. Someone has to measure and record this persecution. Looking the other way and saying it is all too difficult is no longer an option.

This night of a thousand cuts cannot carry on unchallenged. Disabled people, their carers, families and friends cannot take any more. The financial stress is overwhelming and the emotional stress is more than we can bear. The public are on our side now that the myths are exploding and they can actually see what is being done in their name.

So we are going to ask Liam what Labour will do to help us.

What will Labour promise us to protect us?

How you can help

It is vital you lobby your contacts across all parties; stress how much you/your members need a Cumulative Impact Assessment undertaken.

Send us a supporting statement of why you think so a.s.a.p. – No later than Feb 1st. This will be shared across social media platforms so more people can see your concerns.

We will also print them to take with us when we meet with Liam.

We look forward to your response.

Please do circulate to your networks so that everyone has the opportunity to contribute.

Pat x


33 thoughts on “Will Labour protect disabled people? Pat’s Petition goes to Westminster to find out

  1. This government seems intent on hitting the people who need support the most. In my opinion they are absolute b——-. I, fortunately, am not disabled but through my life and work have met many people with disabilities and the people that really need the help have to fight tooth and nail to get it and live under the constant threat of having their allowances reduced or taken away entirely and sadly it has become faster and constant with this “coalition” govt.
    They are also eroding the NHS – again the neediest being targetted. The final straw for me is this “bedroom tax” they intend bringing in. They are either entirely heartless, devoid of compassion or completely clueless about the needs of people with severe disabilities. Where are disabled people supposed to store all the equipment they need e.g. wheelchairs, commodes, hoists? Where are their carers meant to sleep – on the floor? A lot of people with disabilities have specialised beds. The carer needs to sleep somewhere.
    I just cannot and do not want to tolerate the fact that “Great” Britain, a supposedly civilised country, is ruled by politicians who do not give a damn for the most needy in our society.
    I find it really difficult being asked to donate money to people suffering in other countries when we don’t acknowledge the fact intrinsic inhabitants of this country are suffering as much ibut aren’t getting helped.
    These politicians needs to be brought before the European Court of Human Rights as they are degrading and bullying the needy in this country. I would go so far as to say that in some cases disabled people are being falsely imprisoned in their own four walls because all monies, aids and support systems that are meant to go to them are being quickly eroded.

    • ABSOLUTLY AND TOTALLY AGREE this is a heartless dont care government to me its feed the rich and starve the poor especially the disabled i think that the big four Camoron Clegg Duncan Smith Ester mc Vey should be sacked in fact we should have a general election now and get rid of these heartless people i dont know how they can sleep at night knowing that they are destroying lives but if they keep giving billions to other countries and getting involved in wars that dont conserne us well what do you expect [SORRY]

  2. I have RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa) and in 1997 I was told that I was fit for work by a DWP “Doctor”, I took it to a tribunal and won and my benefit was then deemed indefinite, in April 2012 with the help of the RNIB I was awarded the higher rate of mobility and was offered the Motability scheme, I took the offer up and this has enabled me to get to hospital appointments for one of my other ailments ITP, I am now totally blind and I depend fully on my carer, I am on anti depressants due to the stress and worry about the future, I am so scared as every time I turn on the TV I hear of more cuts, when will they stop? My carer is also going to lose there home due to the bedroom tax so I also have this to worry about, this is too much. This government just do not care, and when you write three times to your local mp (Tory), you do not receive a reply. It wouldn’t surprise me if the suicide rate increased even more, but you don’t tend to hear about this, the future is very scary and I too don’t hold out much hope from Labour.

    • Hi Jackie im Neil as from what you are saying i totally agre with you these Tories are heartless and dont care for any of us disabled people there is an incease in suisides or people on disability i am just hoping and paying that it will not go through parliment as this government is taking away our human rights what gets me is they send £millions to other countries and £billions for this new rail link that nobody wants lets just hope that pats petition with Liam Byeyrne makes a difference as he said that people on DLA will be protected lets see if that is true on6th Feb i also feel sorry for the carers who without them life would be even worse so give my reguards to your carer

      • You will never find me ever defending or ever voting a Con/Lib and likewise Labour [ whom i havent voted for since 97] i,m quite amazed by those putting faith in Labour and even more especially Liam Byrne it appears to some he has a “Distinguished” record….sleep-walking with “Red” Ed. #Alternative

      • well i suppose you are right it doesnt matter who gets in parliment they dont care but if these clowns get in again in 2015 our life as disabled people will go down rapidley i would say like other people on hardest hit lets see what Liam Byrne has to say first i know it will be all lies but we will see like i said we will see what happens on 6th Feb on Pats petition

  3. Just a couple of comments that are pertinent to the debate.
    Like another poster,I would not trust any politician further than I can smell them & what a pungent lot they are.
    The ‘Coalition’ justify the cuts to welfare,because of the legacy that New Labour left & what a mess it is at that.
    But,if that were so,that having to make savings,in order to cut the budget deficit,as well as the National Debt,the Coalition should NOT be spending £375 BILLION on a Trident replacement or £32 Billion’s on HS2 rail link,as that is contrary to their stated objectives.
    Secondly,I recall visiting the ONS website,whereby statistics for immigrants coming to this country,were claiming DLA,the stats for the year 20008 were,that within 6 months of arriving in this country,7.8% of immigrants applied for DLA.
    Now,do I need to spell out that this percentage equals a total of over 330.000 people,the consequences of which are now apparent.
    Again, 4 MILLION immigrants have been allowed unfettered access to this country & it’s finite resources(only finite,when the printing of money or borrowing of it actually STOP).
    Each of these 4 MILLION people require a place to live(at OUR expense),now,this points to a classic TORY self-help-interest,of looking after their own minority of voters,at the expense of those in need.
    The HOUSING BENEFIT,of which cost taxpayers & those who pay a full rent,£60 BILLION per annum.
    That £60 BILLION’s goes into the pockets of the ‘Buy-to-Let’ Landlords,NOT to the tenants,so,those landlords are in effect,buying property(Capital)from the money that taxpayers are providing,particularly those on PAYE.
    It’s also a fact,that these landlords are conveniently forgotten as a major form of tax dodging,where the return from renting multi properties,amounts to huge sums each year,plus any Capital appreciation the assets,paid for by taxpayers,the yields can amount to over 20% a year.
    Yet,the Coalition’s,CLEGG is as guilty as CAMERON on this,as he\his Party go along with the policy,to rip off the taxpayers in general,for the benefit of these Buy-to-Let ‘Tory’ voters.

    An immediate tax of 20% should be imposed upon ‘Buy-to-Let’ landlords,this would force them to sell(often to tenants in work),freeing up the property market,reducing prices & getting the market moving for young people.
    What,in effect we are are talking of,in general,is the PRIORITIES & PROBITY of government,something which is absolutely absent in this country today.

    We have politicians in a ‘democracy'(don’t make me laugh),putting the Capitalist cart,before the people(horse),the priorites are anti-socialistic,the result will be a new ‘Victoriana’ Britannica,of poverty,sitting alongside abundant but hidden wealth,with the poor being starved of the means to support themselves & their families.
    This is hardly surprising in a country,where all poltical parties preoccupy themselves with the interest of the minorities.

    • Quite agree this government likes to waste billions on nothing while us disabled people virtually pay for it i do hope that Pats Petition for her meeting on 6th Feb is not a waste of time Camoron said that this coalition is a caring listening government yet they have done nothing only raise taxes and cut everything else now i hear that ministers want a 33% pay rise we as a country need to do something about this government like we did in the 80s to oust Thatcher we disabled people are dreading March BUDGET and 2015 if this government get back in we are all doomed as poorer people just because we are disabled or low payed workers [FACT]

      • I don’t know whether this was a typing error or not but I have to agree Cam is a moron. Wonder how long before his lot force children to go up chimneys again. They are so forward thinking I suppose they’ll bring window tax back next. Oh no silly me course they won’t his comrades all have large houses or three or four or more with bedrooms that are probably bigger than most of an average person’s entire living space so they’ll have more windows.

      • Hi Dianne no it was not a spelling mistake that is what i meant Moron did you see that poor couple on tv news with a disabled wife who sleeps in seperate bedrooms this government told him they have to sleep togethe and pay for his or her bedroom i think that this government should be turfed out so that people like us can live a life without fear of being starved to death or commit suiside sorry for moaning but this is the way i feel about this mickey mouse government we need Robin Hood back

      • Oh yes i forgot about window tax like i have said i just hope and pray Pats Petition is not a waste of time i have spoken to disabled people in my area and they are very upset in what this government are doing to us if you remember it was incapacity benefit they were cutting now its DLA i have read in other articals that this government are on their way out we will have to wait now to see how Pat gets on with Liam Byrne on Wednesday there are so many governments trying to punish us disabled people it beggars belief yet this government want to give £billions to other countries poverty line instead of looking after their own what a sham sorry for moaning but i too are an upset disabled person i do hope you get back to me and tell me what you think thank you

    • It is a very sad reflection of the state of affairs in this country that I have to wholeheartedly agree with you. As galling is the fact Child Benefit is being hit for intrinsic nationals but people from other countries can come over and are paid child benefit for children that aren’t even in this country. Ridiculous

      • Hi diane, your comments are straight to the point. I feel that it doesn’t matter who Pat talks to it will just be lip service. I’m not sure if heard correctly but the house of lords disagrees with what the government is doing with regards to the benefits for the disabled and yet the government has ridden rough shod over them. Is there no one who can stop them? Have they No compassion for people who are not able to work because of their disabilities. Some people have more than one disability, as very often one illness leads to another, sometimes caused by the drugs, others because this is the nature of the beast. I have to say this time round i do feel very nervous and stressed about the whole situation. I know there are people out there fighting our corner, but they are not a familiar face or someone you can ring up for a chat, this makes me feel very isolated indeed.

      • Hi Jackie i totaly agree with you and you have said the magic word compasion this is like i have said numerous times that this government is a non caring dont care attitued to the poor & disabled i know that Pats meeting could only be lip service but its going to be very uncomfortable for us having to wait until May 2015 what really anoise me is that this government is moaning about the cost of DLA but they are still sending billions to other countries and that just is not fair they should but wont look after their own first as last sorry to moan but as an upset disabled person we are very afraid if this cruel policy goes through

  4. JOHN CURRIGAN November 28, 2012 at 10:22 pm


    is the governments “healthcare provider”
    *WHAT ABOUT 1000, 10,000, 100,000… MILLIONS OF COMPLAINTS
    * “THAT’S” HOW TO WIN…
    1-The Parliamentary and Health OMBUDSMAN
    2-The Human Rights Commission-Europe
    3-The General Medical Council.
    M3 3AW
    TEL : 0161-923-6200
    FAX : 0161-923-6201
    EMAIL : gmc@gmc-uk.org on
    *Lets halt THEIR :

    • Mr Corrigan I hope and pray that you are right but i am praying that this does not go through as it kicks off in 2015 this government might not be in power by then and lets hope that whoever is in blocks it also can it go through with unemployment at nearly 3 million and a triple dip reccesion on the way

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