Pat’s Petition campaigners meet with Liam Byrne and Anne McGuire

On Wednesday 6 February 2013 members of the Pat’s Petition campaign team went to Westminster to meet with Liam Byrne, Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and Anne McGuire, Shadow Minister for Disabled People.

Thank you to all of you who sent messages of support which were handed on to Liam at the meeting.

The meeting was very successful. Liam is determined that he will give us an Opposition Day Debate as soon as he can, calling for a Cumulative Impact Assessment – if possible before the next budget.

We are aware that cuts to benefits and services are already hitting disabled people hardest and even more cuts are due to be implemented from April this year. An Opposition Day Debate will be sure to bring the Government’s attention back to the issues surrounding its welfare reforms.

It is a matter of urgency that a debate is scheduled soon. We have to be prepared to move on this as soon as we get the week’s notice.

This will take us all standing together.

More details about the meeting last week will be posted soon.

8 thoughts on “Pat’s Petition campaigners meet with Liam Byrne and Anne McGuire

  1. are we going to have a mass scooter and wheelchair march on parliament? we are currently filling in our forms but don’t hold much hope as we met a severely disabled male who has been told he is fit for work – he lost use of one side of body due to stroke.Neuro Physios advised us that putting body under stress is wrong as it increases spasticity with negative consequences when you have had a severe stroke.

  2. im a carer to my wife
    we are now in atos clutches waiting a decision and we fear the outcome to the degree of wondering to call it a day if you know what we mean my wife was born disabled i met her at the age of 16
    my wife coulda played on her dissabillities but chose not to and worked right up to when she had the strokes and could work no more, oh if you read conlibs my wife done 5 years as a special free!
    no thanks there or appriciation,and she treated like shit in tnis way
    me in the forces royal navy then various jobs then a lorry driver till it was time to take care of my wife combined national in surence 70 years worht and there saying we get benifits free, there talking outa there asses these politicians come and ask me weather we are all innit togerther boy im so angry, i really need to show my distane,whens the next demo

  3. I hope government minsters will start seeing sense at last and realize the distress they have caused for us disabled people ??? (And for those poor soles who have taken there lives because of these inhuman decisions bye Atos and this government persecution of us disabled people ).

  4. Thank God that organisations such as the Hardest Hit exist to fight for the rights of people who often cannot fight for themselves. The government cuts are terrifying and aimed at the weakest and most vulnerable in our society, not the rich and privileged who can afford them. The government talks about getting us back to work. I am personally not able to work: even if I could what work is available for me?
    The greatest irony is that a man who lost a disabled son is heading a government which is actively persecuting disabled people and protecting those who exploit the poor, and defends his actions in the name of morality.

  5. We jut hope Labour doesnt become as Morrally bancrupt as this ConLib government have become shame on them both Nick clegg should hang his head in shame as they should all do.
    The bankers got us in this mess so they hit out at the weakest in society instead I personally hope they all get voted out at the next election .
    Got my ATOS papers through 12.12.12 merry Christmas then rang me whilst I was unable to answer the phone .
    These so called Medical companies have a name for us according to the Panorama program we saw the other week LCB’s :Lying Cheatng Bastards yet they park hard to place mentally ill people so they can reap maxium rewards out of them jut what hope have we ???
    Who’s the Lying Cheating Bastards sounds like the very people overseeing these farcical medicals we should all bombard our MP’s with Letters about this and ask for them to be read out in the house of Commons how many conlib pact MP’s would acctually have the common decency to read them out , I’ll bet you non.
    We should be looking at how much these people are costing the UK each year in perks and Pensions I’ll hazzard a guess Millions of pounds each and every year

  6. Thank you very much i prey that this is successful as we need to be able to sleep at night and not to be worrying what this government is going to do next to destroy us disabled people once again thank you

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