Channel 4 Dispatches on PIP postponed

We were very disappointed to learn today that the Channel 4 Dispatches on the move from DLA to PIP that was scheduled for Broadcast next Monday (18 February) has been postponed so a documentary about the “Horse Meat Scandal” can be aired instead.

Update: Channel 4 Dispatches posted on twitter yesterday saying they will now show their documentary examining DLA/PIP on Monday 25 February.

21 thoughts on “Channel 4 Dispatches on PIP postponed

  1. On the matter of the so called bedroom tax, I have been trying to get a reply to a matter of what stands as a bedroom. The goverment states that the housing benefit cut for bedrooms is 14% for 1 and 25% for 2 or more they do not state the size of the bedroom. In my investegation I have found that the size of a bedroom should be over 70 square feet, on speaking to my landlord they inform me that I have a 3 bedroom house and will have a cut of 25% towards my housing benefit even though one of the bedrooms is under the 70 square feet.

    This goverment states that it is not attacking the disabled so how come my ESA which is what the goverment says I need to live on has now got to have around a further £100 per month taken out to pay this further benefit cut. The DLA I get is for those extra thing we as disabled people need to help us live a close to possible normal life.

    In my working carrear I have helped many people to sign on for JSA or ESA and some have claimed interest payment towards their homes but no cuts on these payments why.

    Any help on these matter would be very welcome not only to myself but to thousands of other families who find themselves being trodden on by a goverment who has not a care in the world,

    • Im sure this is illegal what the government is doing,i dont think it has been passed,by the house of Lords either.Its just Camerons poll tax pt 2

  2. I also dont agree about the bedroom tax either I think the goverment are totally bang out order. Making all these changes.

    Natalie in Morecambe

    • I totally agree with you,this created a worry for us disabled people.I am just scared that people will take their own lives because of this.wE HAVE A CRUEL GOVERNMENT WHO DONT CARE ,FOR US.I would also like to know what Labour would do about this as we havnt heard anything as yet.If someone out ther knows could you please tell us,because we have not got long left.Before this kicks in Thank you.

  3. We hear of disabled people being attacked in the street, and the goverment lets MP stand up in parlement and say thatall benefit people are scrougers, skivers and lay in bed while others go to work. Disable people will get attacked when these rumours are spread, we need an apology. On the matter of the bedroom tax we have not had a tax added to persons on benefits who have their mortgage interest paid no matter what size home they have

    • 100% agree But this government do Not listen,we are fighting a losing battle until the time comes 2015 .General election when theywant our votes.What this government forgets is that we,the disabled are voters.Im sorry but this government are heartless with us,so lets suppose they win and take all us disabled people off benefits.What happens then.They closed Remploy who is going to employ us when unemployment for able body people,is so high 2.5 million Like i said this government have not thought this pip through.Its IDS wanting a star in his cap before the next election.I am very worried too about all this and so are all other disable people Thanks for listening

    • I know what its like to get attacked when I was young I went to the shop for my mum and there were a gruop of teenagers,they asked me if I would steal something from the shop i said no all the that time whilst I was in the shop they must of stayed n waited for me outside. Then I went outside and they took my shopping of me then they started hitting me n slapping me n punching me n kicking. Thankgod one of the shop asstant was fininshing work she hread all the stuff what was going on. Then she saw me lieing there crying battered a brused she took me home to my mum the lady came inside and told my mum what happaned then the police was called n an ambulance came to take to hospital with my mum.

  4. neigh,neigh,neigh and thrice neigh ,as frankie howerd was wont to say when he was alive,standing there,with his bushy eyebrows,toga and cheeky expression. on a serious note though its worrying about the mobility aspect,50 metres changed to 20 metres. basically if you can totter about ,thats it ,the only people to get enhanced mobility will be people who can not walk at all. doctors,nurses etc allways say “can you walk or stand at all” so that means your ok standard mobility . I really want to watch this programme. I am not overkeen on burgers anyway. I am not been flippant ,I am a wheelchair user,manual and powerchair,fluctuating condition,mainly sit in adapted chair in the living room. saw on another website,about it been disputed ,ssh better not say to much though. bye for now

    • Hiya friends. II totally agree with you.But if you remember for the past 20 odd years,every government who has been in power,have knocked the welfare system. What i can remember is not a one of them until now,has tried to cut the disabled.I think this government would like to see us disabled people,literally in the gutter and to put the top hat on it, come out with bedroom tax. Itoo agree with the young lady who took the government to court.Our human rights are being quashed,it is not our fault that we are disabled.i still dont know how IDS sleeps at night oh yes this government are heartless.They are saying “Im alright jack stuff the country”
      Regards friends

      • Yeah I agree I think the Goverment as got something to do with it whay would they do that postpone it as they must be trying to cover it up.

    • probably the Government maybe they know it wont work,like the bedroon tax. I would like to know why though, or is horsemeat more important than us disabled.No suprise there then

  5. Oh dear i think that we disabled people,should do what that girl did at poundland.Take the government to court for human rights.What people are saying is that the government targetting the disabled is inhumane.Would it not be possable for a Hardest Hit spokesperson do the same for us disabled people, as we are very worried about this and some people are truly considering suicide because of this . Knowing that we would be unable to live a life properly anymore, once this goes through it would be worth considering. If we get no joy from the next meeting with Liam Byrne.I am sorry for this as i too am a very worried disabled person Thank you

    • Yeah I totally agree about tht girl saying take the government to court for human rights.They are targarting the disbled people like myself as I get DLA and I am not very happy really that it is changing the name to PIP I feel that I will lose the money that I been awarded.

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